Why does Israel matter to the United States?

The Bible states that those who support Israel are blessed and those who do not are cursed.  Could it be that the presidency of George W. Bush experienced its downfall as a result of his proposed plan of dividing Israel up to try and bring peace between the Arabs and the Jews in that land?  I tend to believe that since President Bush went that route he ended up on the wrong side of what God expects, and thus was judged as a result.   How good will President elect Obama be?  Watch how he treats Israel.  If he treats them according to how the God of the Bible expects him to, then he will find success.   If not, then we could be in for a rough ride.  I truly believe that the Republicans have lost ground in both Houses and now the White House because of a lack of understanding on how to govern on this issue.  America has always been a friend and supporter of Israel and can not afford to change that view now.  Are future as a nation I believe depends upon it.

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