Why the silence on Abortion

I can remember a day when this issue seemed to be at the forefront, but now appears to have taken a backseat to economic and the war on terror.  Is the reason why this has been placed on the back burner is because the major news media and the Democratic Party realize that they are on the losing side of this issue?   Or could it be that the conservative movement has lost its fire for this issue and have given it over to the media?  I truly believe that this issue must once again be a rallying cry for the conservative movement to help unify our movement and the vision we have for it.  For this is an issue which God himself stands with us on.  What will it take to bring this to the forefront of our movement?  I am not sure, but I pray that there are men and women who are willing to risk their future in government to save the lives of the unborn and make a stand for righteousness. For we do not need more politicans, we need men and women who burn with passion for life, liberty and the pursuit of righteousness. 

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