Will the Church Grow Under Pres. Obama?


I do believe that the church will make strides in realizing what we are up against.  I do believe that President elect Obama has been able to mislead people in who he truly is because of the efforts of the major media's work in hiding his true colors.  Once the cover is peeled back and people begin to see him for what he is representing, the church will unite in a way we have not seen since the days of the Clinton Adminstration. 

What the church needs to do over the next four years is engage the political and social enivorment as we have not done previously.  What we have been willing to do is elect a conservative president or Congress and sit back and think that we have done our job.  Placing our hope in man is not the answer.  We must be willing to speak out, vote and engage the issues in a much more direct manner to help influence society to our way of thinking.  A large part of society sees Christians as out of touch and as extremists.  We must be able to convey our world view in a way that is pratical and yet challenging.  For I truly believe that our ideas based upon holy scripture are always superior and in the end will win out if they are allowed equal footing with all that oppose us.


Will the Church Grow Under Pres. Obama? - Evangelical ################ have had a strong political and social force in presidential elections for years. [CBN.com]


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Easy answer...NO. Obama is no Christian as defined by scripture. He works to undermine Christian principle and supports godless policies like abortion and gay marriage. Christians should fear and pray for the next 4 years.

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