Will gay divorce lead to gay marriage in Texas?

Gay marriage activists in Texas are trying to use divorce as a means to legalizing gay marriage in that state.  And it looks like they've found at least one judge that's willing to help them do it.

Even though only five states currently recognize gay marriage - and even though Texas isn't one of them (having passed a constitutional amendment on the issue) - a state judge has granted a "divorce" to a gay couple in that state who were "married" in another state.

Thankfully, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has stepped in to stand up for the voters in his state.  After the judges decision, Abbott released a statement saying:

"The Court has no legal authority to
grant this divorce, and as a result, the State must intervene in this
case to defend the Texas Constitution."

While it might seem kind of obvious to most people (especially Texas voters) that you grant end (by way of divorce) something that state law doesn't recognize as having ever begun.  Which is exactly why gay activist are using the case.  The point is to use the fabricated legal conundrum as a way to bring judges back into the debate in Texas, given that voters in that state have already had their say and rejected gay marriage.

To further prove that point, if the couple in question really want to be divorced, they could just return to the state where received their "marriage" certificate.  But again, that's not their agenda. They're trying to redefine the family.  And this is just another means to that end.


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