Will you donate three status updates for voter guides?

Will you help us promote voter guides by donating one status update on your social network of choice every two days between now and Election Day?

Tuesday will be here before you know it, which means our time to get voter guides into the hands of more voters is growing short.

Our new “Donate Your status” application makes it easy to spread the word to others you know by using the viral power of social networking.

When you use either one of these services, it automatically allows you to “donate” a status update on behalf of our voter guides, one time each week between now and Tuesday.

You just click the appropriate service logo on our “Donate Your Status” page, and then give our application permission to post the message on your behalf.

That’s it!

Every two days your friends on these networks will see a message from you encouraging them to download and distribute voter guides.  And given the viral nature of Facebook and Twitter, it will help us reach out to hundreds of thousands of other potential pro-family activists, increasing our chances of success.

So please be sure to visit our “Donate Your Status” page and help us promote the 2010 voter guide project today.

Also, help us spread the word by letting other conservatives know about this powerful new tool.  You can click here and send an email invitation to everyone in your address book right now.

Pass it on!


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