Worth Reading Will NOT Be Censored!

Worth Reading Will NOT Be Censored!

Many writers are now feeling the pressure of attempts to sabotage and censor news stories critical of Obama. I can name web news organizations that have been warned against publishing anything agianst The Anointed One under threat of having their search engines shut down, which would silence the news source.

It happened to this writer, under the sabotage category. I recently wrote a commentary titled, "Why Obama Must NOT Be A One-Term President," with the observation that he should not be ‘president' in the first place and that he should be put out of office before his term ends, before he destroys America which is obviously his goal..

The releases were blocked from going to the news sources. After two days with no publication or response from anyone, I contacted the editor of Worth Reading, who confirmed that he had never received the release. Others told me the same. I disguised the header in the second email-releases. Still, nobody would publish it under fear that they would be shut down.

That is EXCEPT for Worth Reading. Alain, the editor advised how to get a story directly to his site and it was immediately published. In the meantime, my computer went haywire, I couldn't publish anything on my website (I was locked out) and we had to redo the search engines.

I have learned to especially appreciate Worth Reading since they stand firm on publishing the truth. Again, they are one of the only news-services that cannot be intimidated into publishing only propaganda. They are doing what news services were created to do; Be a watchdog against corruption and against those who try to enslave us all under the banner of Marxism.

You can read the story Obama tried to censor, titled, "Why Obama Should NOT Be A One Term President" on my website at: http://www.revaustinmiles.com and of course at Worth-Reading,com the only news site that would publish the story (that displeased the Obama Administration). Worth Reading deserves your support. Click this link to check it out: :

You can also read comments from readers regarding this story. One especially interesting is the reference to The American Grand Jury Looking into this and how they have been blocked

Suzanne Short Comment by Suzanne Short 1 day ago

Delete Comment You might want to see this video on YouTube. It is somewhat comforting to see and hear someone who is in the political arena speak out on the eligibility regarding Obama, even though it is a very short statement, it still holds some merit. "In God We Trust."


Arnie Rosner Comment by Arnie Rosner 1 day ago

Delete Comment Rev. Miles is correct. I chose the following ways to express my point of view. I suspect it will register but be officially ignored.
Perhaps if other like minded individuals took similar action on their own we might make a larger impact. My efforts are not copyrighted so if you are so moved feel free to have at it.


In my opinion, the entire 111th Congress is complicit in committing treason and against the American people. As a consequence none of them...none of them deserve to be re-elected. Arnie

Suzanne Short Comment by Suzanne Short 1 day ago

Delete Comment Below is the American Grand Jury Website link. There are some very interesting articles on the site today. There is also a link to Senator Fleming's site to sign a petition regarding the Senate and Congress partaking in the same Government Obamacare crazy Health care plan. At any rate, all the articles are very interesting.

"In God We Trust."


Barbro Nygren Comment by Barbro Nygren 1 day ago

Delete Comment Just another fact about" the King" and the voters just remain blind,deaf and dumb when it comes to him.The sad fact is that Acorn and the new Communist branch they started will continue the work.I also have an observance.The man who started Acorn is now doing work in Asia according to himself.Is the strife in Thailand his work ?Why the red shirts,eerily similar to the thugs here.

Ken Comment by Ken on April 16, 2010 at 11:45pm

Delete Comment Rev. Miles is right. The dumbing down of America has been successful in the schools, media and churches so we don't know we have been. As I recall, the communist party of America did not run a candidate last time because they found Obama acceptable. Heck, he was their candidate and white, liberal guilt would make their candidate win! Google the communist goals for America in the 1960's - and here we are. Mission accomplished.
Now, what are we going to do about it?

Suzanne Short Comment by Suzanne Short on April 16, 2010 at 10:47pm

Delete Comment Rev. Miles, I agree with you regarding your analysis pertaining to Obama. I cannot use the title of President when referring to him. I have been on a few website making comment and suggesting that people keep pestering their Senators and Congressmen as much as possible regarding the eligibility of Obama and the fact that he is not abiding by his oath of office and definitely he is not protecting and defending our Constitution. Even if they do believe he is the President, Impeachment proceedings should begin immediately. Also, I have suggested to keep hounding the media, network and publications. I do not know what else we as citizens can do other than be a member of the American Grand Jury, which I am. We have brought forth so many presentments from different juries and the judges delcare that because the Senate confirmed this man's nomination to be President, they do not have the power to move in another direction. We know this is just the politics. Obama has spent over 2 million dollars for legal fee regarding the eligibility court cases that have been brought forward, and then dismissed. On April 20 LCOM Fitzgerald case will be hear in the courts. You can visit the AmericanGrandJury.org site at any time. I do not know if you are aware of Dr. Manning's mock trial at Columbia coming up in the middle of May. He will present evidence against Obama at the Trial. Go to his site at Atlah.org and you will be able to view his videos giving much info regarding the trial and there is other info on this website as to who will be at the trial. Please pray for this trial to bring out more of this info to the general public and we are hoping that the media there, if any show up, will report TRUTHs instead of the propaganda that is being reported. It just sickens me to realize that the Freedom of the Press is being destroyed more and more each day. I agree with you that this man, Obama, should not remain in office until the elections, for I do believe with his own Army being trained, it will be ready to attack. On CNN today, this news commentator was interviewing this person, sorry, I did not catch his name, who has been analyzing the Tea Parties. They all agreed that anger against the Government was very dangerous and very extreme...this is what they see in the Tea Party events. Even if they see Anger that does not mean someone is extreme. I swear they are like Robuts just voice what the Marxists and Communists along with Obama want them to say. I guess they think we are all stupid and do not have a brain. Since when is it against the law to be angry. Anyway, thank you for your article. Please pray for LCOM Fitzgerald and for Dr. Manning's success in bring thing more into the LIGHT. God Bless American..."In God We Trust."

Visit Worth Reading at: http://worthreading.ning.com/


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