GOP Policy Chairman Price Blasts Democrats' Demagoguery

No president has been elected president with economic conditions as bad as they are now in America since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Indeed, no president with an unemployment rate of over 7.2% has been reelected president since Roosevelt.  Barack Obama's unemployment just went UP to 9.1% during the month of May and Obama's unemployment rate has averaged around 9% during his entire presidency.  The guy is toast.

The Chairman of the House of Representatives' Republican Policy Committee, Congressman Tom Price, besides criticizing the Obama administration's dismal economic policies and record, blasted Obama and his party for their demagoguery:  "What is worse, they have chosen to demagogue the efforts of House Republicans to address the long-term drivers of our debt." 
The rest of Congressman Price's press release is directly below:

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Price Statement on May Jobs Report

Washington, D.C. – House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement regarding the May unemployment report.

“For over two years President Obama and Congressional Democrats have claimed our economic recovery would come from an agenda built upon trillions in deficit spending and the implementation of onerous new regulations,” said Chairman Price.  “We have the results of that experiment: an anemic pace of economic growth and job creation.  Despite such evidence, the White House and Democrats are still intent on spending money we do not have, raising taxes on families and businesses, and stalling job creating initiatives like three pending trade agreements.  What is worse, they have chosen to demagogue the efforts of House Republicans to address the long-term drivers of our debt.  That behavior sends the absolute wrong signal to job creators and investors in our economy.  It is no coincidence that the credit rating agency Moody’s announced just yesterday that without a serious commitment from Washington to tackle our fiscal challenges they would consider downgrading their outlook on America’s financial standing.  This is what will happen if Congress fails to seize the mantle of leadership and make the necessary reforms to avoid a debt crisis.

“This disappointing jobs report is the consequence of disastrous policies and the failure of those in control of the White House to acknowledge the need to change course.  House Republicans are asking our Democrat colleagues to work with us on solutions that break down barriers to free enterprise and lift the crushing burden of debt that threatens America’s future prosperity.  It is not too late to act and get this economy moving again.”


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