GOP Policy Head Tom Price says Obama has failed on job creation

No president has been reelected since Franklin Roosevelt if he went into his reelection campaign with an unemployment rate of more than 7.2%.  Most economic analysts predict that the unemployment rate a year from now will be around 8%.  The current rate is a whopping 9.1% which is about the average of the entire Obama presidency and some 14 million people who want jobs are sitting at home without jobs.

On Monday, the president went to North Carolina to meet with his Jobs Council and made a joke and an almost-admission that his $1 trillion "stimulus" bill was a failure.  In answer to a question about his stimulus bill, Obama laughed and said, " "Shovel-ready was not as ... uh .. shovel-ready as we expected." Obama's Jobs Council, led by the Chairman of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt, joined in laughter at Obama's joke.

Congressman Tom Price, a medical doctor from Georgia, had the following reaction to Obama's failure in leadership and his heartless response to the plight of America's unemployed.

Price Statement on the President’s Meeting with Jobs Council

Washington, D.C. – House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement after President Obama traveled to North Carolina today to meet with his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

“Nearly a year after the Obama Administration’s so called ‘Recovery Summer,’ unemployment remains at a staggering 9.1% and uncertainty in the economy continues to dampen recovery efforts,” said Chairman Price.  “The President has been unwilling to acknowledge the failure of his policies that have grown government and the national debt while leaving American families behind.  Today’s meeting with his council is the latest effort to look engaged on these issues without offering a substantive plan to address them.  Giving speeches and soliciting advice from a council would be fine so long as the president was willing to follow up with concrete proposals that actually tackle the challenges facing job creators.  To date, President Obama has failed that test of leadership. 

“House Republicans have put forth numerous solutions – including our Plan for America’s Job Creators – that would encourage growth in the private sector.  Millions of Americans and their potential employers are waiting to see if Washington is willing to cut the job-killing regulatory red tape coming out of the bureaucracies, address the debt crisis, and make positive changes in areas like tax reform and energy production.  The American people ought to be able to expect the same strength of leadership from President Obama.”


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