Harry Reid and His Senate Democrats Intent on Taxing Small Businesses

As incredible as it may seem, the Democrats, led by their leader in the United States Senate  --  and goaded on by the most socialist and partisan president in American history  --   are absolutely intent on taxing the very small business owners who create at least 90% of the jobs in America.  The Democrats, since the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, have been defeated time after time in trying to tax America's business owners. 
Yet, Harry Reid is bringing up for a vote on the Senate floor yet another tax increase bill  --  authored by one of the Democrats' endangered Senators, Bob Casey, up for reelection in Pennsylvania next year  --  which will provide some tax relief for middle class families, but which will pay for these middle-class tax cuts with onerous tax increases on America's small business owners.  Talk about killing the goose which lays the golden eggs! 
Note the anticipated schedule for the rest of December before Christmas from the office of the Senate Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell from Kentucky today:


The Senate convened at 10:00 am today and will be in Morning Business until 11:00 am.  We will then begin one hour of debate on the nomination of Executive Calendar #43, Caitlin Halligan, to the United States Circuit Judge for the D.C. Circuit followed by a vote on cloture at noon.  We do not expect cloture will be invoked.

We anticipate Leader Reid will file cloture on the nomination of Richard Cordray to be Director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection today setting up a cloture vote on Thursday.  As a reminder, 45 GOP Senators have signed a letter saying they will oppose any nominee to direct the CFPB until the agency is reformed to make it more accountable and transparent.  

Leader Reid began the Rule 14 process last night for a new Democrat payroll tax bill, S.1944, which is attached.  The bill will be on the Senate Calendar tomorrow at which time we expect Leader Reid will file cloture on the motion to proceed.  Under the rules, the vote on cloture on the motion to proceed will occur on Friday.  As always, if a UC is reached, the vote could occur sooner (possibly Thursday evening).  We expect to have a GOP alternative payroll tax bill as a side-by-side to the Reid proposal.  

Please note despite earlier statements by Leader Reid, we no longer expect the Senate will consider H.R. 2354, the Energy & Water appropriations bill, as a stand-alone bill. 

We expect there will be a conference meeting of appropriators on Thursday to discuss the remaining nine appropriations bills.  We also anticipate the House will consider these remaining bills next week.  As a reminder, the current CR expires on December 16th.

Other items which are likely before the end of the year:  Balanced Budget amendment (likely week of 12/12); Nominations; and extensions of expiring provisions including UI, payroll taxes, and SGR (“doc fix”).