House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s Lineup

While Congress remains out of session, I wanted to keep you informed on a couple of issues that are important to the Majority Leader.

First, over the past several months we have been increasingly asked for Eric’s views on the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction proposal. Unfortunately, it is not a question that lends itself to a simple "I support it" or "I oppose it" answer.

There are many commendable aspects to the Bowles-Simpson proposal, but there are also several areas where we believe the proposal either falls short or would actually undermine prospects for economic growth.

For the benefit of those who might be interested, Eric has prepared a video presentation explaining his views on Bowles-Simpson:

I hope this helps explain Eric’s concerns with the Bowles-Simpson plan, and why we continue to work on a solution.

In addition, the Office of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor released a report, The Imperial Presidency, to make clear that the result of President’s Obama disregard for the legislative process has been a breakdown in the rule of law which has reduced economic growth and individual prosperity.

President Obama’s term in office has been characterized by weak economic growth, historic debt, high unemployment, and unprecedented disregard for legislative authority and the separation of powers. Clear, transparent, predictable rules that are applied without preference help create certainty and allow individuals to invest, build businesses, and create jobs. When there is a breakdown in the rule of law, increased uncertainty leads to reduced investment and less growth. The Committees of the House of Representatives have investigated and documented numerous breakdowns in the rule of law and this report showcases over 40 such examples.