House Majority Whip's Office: We’re at the one-yard line

WASHINGTON, D.C. – At the weekly House Republican leadership press conference, Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) discussed the House vote to send the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to a conference committee, yet another step toward providing much-needed tax relief for hardworking families all across America. 



“I want to thank my colleagues last night for coming together and sending this Tax Cut and Jobs bill to conference committee, so we can be now one final step away from getting historic tax relief, where families at Christmastime are going to finally see that this Congress went to work for them, put together a bill the cuts taxes across the board.
“Hard-working people who have not seen job growth for the last 10 years, many of whom who haven't seen their paychecks increase over the last 10 years, are finally going to get real relief. They're going to see more money in their pockets from lower tax rates. On average, families are going to see $1,200 more in their pockets.
“And what does that really mean? When -- the average family right now has $400 in their checking account -- across the country that's the average, $400 in a checking account. When you're going to be able to get $1,200 more a year back, that's a big deal to hard-working families who have been struggling. That's maybe a family vacation that they haven't been able to take for years, an opportunity for them to expand on their house, to put more money away for their kids' college.
“This is going to be real relief for families. And then when you look at what happens on the corporate side, where our country right now has the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, people know what that means. That means every time we see a large company, a well-known company, move thousands of jobs overseas it angers us. It should anger us. But I think what angers people the most is that they haven't seen anything done about it.
“In our bill, we actually do something about it. We bring those jobs back to America. How about that for a great Christmas present for families who lost jobs: good jobs? I'm talking $50,000-, $70,000-, $80,000-, $120,000-a-year jobs that we've seen go to other countries.
“Now, these are countries we like -- friends of ours: Ireland, Canada other countries that have been happy to take our jobs. We're still going to have good relationships with those countries, but we're going to take our jobs back and rebuild our middle class. That's what this bill means.
“It's about time we get it done.
“I'm really glad we took one more step last night, but now we're at the final step. We're not only in the red zone, we're at the one-yard line and we're going to get this done before Christmas, and President Trump is ready to sign this bill that will create jobs and make America competitive again.”