House Republicans Call on President Obama, Senate to Act

In a press conference last Friday, the Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, Georgia Congressman Tom Price, M.D., was joined by several House Republican Freshmen to urge the Democrats to pass job bills already passed by the United States House of Representatives.  They implored Barack Obama and the Senate Democrats to get to work on any of the numerous positive pieces of legislation to help America's job creators passed by the Republican-controlled House all while the Democrat-controlled United States Senate has been dithering. 
The rest of the press release from the office of Chairman Tom Price is directly below:

House Republicans Call on President Obama, Senate to Act

Last Friday, several House Republican Freshmen joined House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) to implore President Obama and Senate Democrats to get to work on one of the many positive, House-passed measures to help job creators. Below please find highlights from this event.

House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA)
“A few hours ago we learned last month’s jobs numbers and it is really no surprise. Unemployment at 9 percent, underemployment in the high teens, a jobless rate at greater than 8 percent since February 2009 – the longest stretch since monthly records began in 1948.
“Certainly President Obama’s first stimulus has had more than enough time to take effect. Despite his promise that spending nearly $1 trillion would keep unemployment at or below 8 percent, here we are. Spending another half trillion dollars certainly will not change the outcome.
“What’s more is that the confidence in the economy and the optimism among Americans is waning. And this is not what America is all about.
“The American Dream is rooted in entrepreneurial spirit, in the wonderful knowledge that all can realize earned success. That’s the wonder of America. This is what House Republicans believe and it played a large role in adding 89 members to our ranks this year as 89 Freshmen Republicans join us in the House.”
Representative Mike Kelly (PA-03)
“As we do talk about job creation we talk about the wealth of natural resources this country has right beneath our surface. As we talk about dependence in foreign oil, we don’t have to be dependent on anybody outside our shores. There is a 250-year supply of coal underneath the United States. Republicans have been pushing all this Congress, create jobs, open up permitting, allow us to do what we do best.
“So we urge the President, we agree with him, we can’t wait any longer, we waited far too long. It is time to move, it is time to move now to create jobs in this country for all Americans and for all our future.”
Representative Alan Nunnelee (MS-01)
“This Freshmen class came to Washington to help change the culture, to shift the conversation away from how much to spend to how much do we cut, because we know that shrinking the size of government has a direct impact on job creation. And when our freshmen class talks about spending cuts, we aren’t talking about Washington’s definition of spending cuts which has been to shrink the rate of growth, to spend more money than you have spent in the past, just not quite as much more as you thought you would. We are talking about spending cuts using the definition that is used by the American people – that is spending less money than we spent before.
“This is the kind of change the American people sent us here to accomplish. We came here to change the way the system works, to make it more accountable to people, to work in a way that reduces the role of government, to expand freedom, and to help spur private sector growth and create jobs. Right now, in the Senate, there are 22 bills that are languishing, awaiting action, that would help accomplishing these goals and it is time for the Senate to act.”
Representative Tim Huelskamp (KS-01)
“As was mentioned we have more than 22 jobs bills that have passed the House and prime among many of these bills are those dealing with regulatory burden. House Bill 872, I serve on the House Agriculture Committee, we passed that through the committee with no opposition, it went to the floor, bipartisan strong majority. And where does that sit? Harry Reid will not allow it to come to a vote. How many days do we have to wait for Senator Reid and the President of the United States to allow jobs bills to pass and to create new jobs?
“By my count this president has had 49 campaign speeches or events yet he will not let Harry Reid and the Senate vote on actually creating jobs. Mr. President, this is not about the next election, this is not about your campaign, this is about the American people and getting them back to work.”
Representative Paul Gosar (AZ-01)
“This is exactly the conversation happening around kitchen tables of hardworking, taxpayer families all over the nation. This is the conversation that is keeping Americans up at night. Our President keeps saying, ‘We Can’t Wait,’ well I can’t agree more. Sir, we can’t wait for the U.S. Senate to take up the 22 bills that the House has passed. We can’t wait for true leadership, the kind of leadership that’s more concerned about American jobs than keeping our own job and reelection.
“The role of government is not to create jobs; it is to get out of the way of job creators. Our nation’s strength is that we are innovative and resilient. This can’t be legislated; this can’t be choreographed out of Washington by either party. We must stand up and get out of the way. America can’t wait. This federal government isn’t the solution. We stand today at a crossroads: do we continue down the path of more spending, more debt and more risk or do we reclaim our destiny and reform our government? Do we live within our means and return the nation back to the path of exceptionalism or do we go the way of Greece?
“The American people can’t wait any longer while you play politics. I call upon the president to get off the campaign trail, stop pointing the partisan finger, stop dividing us, look at the solutions the U.S. House has provided and demand that the U.S. Senate send him a jobs package that will work, such as the 22 forgotten bills. America knows one size does not fit all. We can’t wait.”
Representative Austin Scott (GA-08)
“I believe that without a budget that things will continue to get worse in this country. We passed a budget in the House. We passed it within a couple of months of the Republicans becoming the majority. We understand that the president and Harry Reid don’t like that budget but that does not, eliminate their obligation to pass a budget through the United States Senate.
“Our message to the president is quite simple. The people spoke loud and clear in the last November election: escalating debt, escalating deficits, and the unemployment rates are unacceptable to the American public. That’s why we went to work in the House, we passed a budget, we have passed over 20 bills that are now awaiting a vote in the Senate. If the Senate doesn’t like our bills, they can pass other bills, but at some point the Senate needs to put their walkers up and get to work.”
Representative James Lankford (OK-05)
“What I would say to the president and to the Senate is, we can work this out, but we need to work it out on a local level, we need to go back to trusting our states, we need to look back again at the communities that are really producing the jobs and really producing growth and be able to say, ‘what is working so well there that can be replicated around the country?’ And what you’re going to find is the growth of economies happen strongest when they are done locally rather than trying to be run from Washington, DC.
“There is no one, silver bullet that is going to solve all the economy. The simple bills that we have sent from the House to the Senate are step by step trying to be able to push back and be able to solve the economic issues of our day by giving additional control back to the states, back to the cities to say go grow the economies, go back to work on it.”

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