House Republicans Take Action to Defund Parts of the ObamaCare Infrastructure

One of the most infamous pieces of legislation ever passed by any other Congress, ObamaCare, passed in March of this past year by the Democrat-controlled Congress --  which is still opposed by a large majority of the American people  --  is being dismantled by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives one part at a time.
The Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee, Congressman Tom Price, a medical doctor from Georgia, reports in the press release below the latest effort by the Republicans to satisfy the will of the American people to defund ObamaCare and finally to get rid of it once and for all and return to debating legitimate healthcare reform legislation.

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House Republicans Take Action to Defund Parts of the ObamaCare Infrastructure

Washington, D.C. – House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement after House Republicans continued to fulfill our pledge to dismantle ObamaCare by repealing funding provisions of the law.

“ObamaCare is littered with policies that undermine the cause of affordable, quality care, further limit patient’s access to health care choices, and will inflate our already unsustainable national debt.  Today, House Republicans are taking action to repeal funding for this law in an effort to protect the American people from paying to put the government in charge of their health care decisions,” said Chairman Price.  “When drafting their health care bill, Democrats effectively wrote a blank check to the Secretary of Health and Human Services – giving the bureaucracy free rein to distribute billions in taxpayer dollars.  The funding, distributed at the discretion of the Secretary, establishes health insurance exchanges in the states and represents the building blocks of the government takeover infrastructure.  By repealing this funding stream, House Republicans are doing our part to protect a patient’s choice and ensure personal health care decisions are made by the individual, their families, and their physians.  We will continue to take the necessary steps to repeal this law in its entirety and bring forward patient-centered health care proposals that will truly reform health care to improve access to quality, affordably care.”


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