Jobs Or Judges?

Democrats Face Tough Questions As They Push Jobs To The Back Burner In The Senate

‘Are Jobs More Important Than Getting Federal Judges Confirmed?’

“Jobs bill hung up on judicial fight… a fight Senate Democrats have picked…  Reid has moved to hold cloture votes on 17 judge nominations starting tomorrow. Each judge vote could tie up the Senate floor for weeks…” (“Senate Vote On Jobs Bill Hung Up On Judicial Fight,” NBC News, 3/13/12)


“Reid is indeed holding the JOBS Act as leverage.” (“Reid Dares GOP: Block Judicial Nominees, And You Will Also Stall The Jobs Act,” TPM, 3/13/12)

“That brought a new round of recriminations, set beneath a question that appears to favor Republicans, if you follow the polls: Are jobs more important than getting federal judges confirmed?” (“Jobs Or Judges? Debate On Judicial Nominees Boils Over In Senate,” Wall Street Journal, 3/13/12)

“Jobs bills are arguably more urgent than judicial nominations… Compared to, say, someone laid off because of the recession, a judicial nominee waiting for confirmation isn't a particularly poignant figure.” (“A Harsh Judgment On Obstructionism In The Senate,” Los Angeles Times, 3/13/12)

“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hit back Tuesday in the fight over judicial nominations, accusing Majority Leader Harry Reid of ‘manufacturing a controversy’ rather than addressing high unemployment and gas prices…” (“McConnell, Reid Spar Over Judges,” Politico, 3/13/12)

“Minority Leader McConnell insisted that Majority Leader Reid agree to put aside a series of time-consuming votes on 17 of President Obama’s judicial nominees to turn immediately to the JOBS Act, which the House passed with overwhelming support last month.” (“Reid, McConnell Lock Horns Over Legislative Agenda In Senate,” The Hill, 3/13/12