Need a Bill Combating High Gas Prices?

The Jobs Through Growth Act (H.R. 3400), the composite economic growth bill introduced by the RSC, has 59 co-sponsors and includes numerous provisions aimed at alleviating high gas prices, such as:

Consumer Relief for Pain at the Pump Act: Enacts the RSC’s energy bill to lessen regulatory burdens, mandates, and prohibitions that artificially increase the price of gasoline. The plan removes unnecessary delays in the Gulf of Mexico OCS permitting process, creating thousands of jobs immediately, and opens up ANWR, the OCS, and waters in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico for energy exploration and development. To encourage offshore energy development, the plan provides 50% revenue sharing to producing states. The plan repeals the Administration’s “Wild Lands Policy” that restricts hundreds of thousands of acres from energy development, repeals the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) greenhouse gas regulation, and prevents the EPA from imposing regulations in the name of climate change. Consumer Relief for Pain at the Pump Act (H.R. 1777).

Extension of Outer Continental Shelf Leases: Provides a one-year extension on OCS leases that were directly impacted and delayed by the Administration’s failure to move forward in the offshore drilling permitting process. Congressman Bill Flores’s Lease Extension and Secure Energy Act (H.R. 993).

Green-Light the Keystone Energy Pipeline: Removes barriers to approving the Keystone Energy Pipeline to bring critical energy resources from Canada to the United States. House-passed North American-Made Energy Security Act (H.R. 1938).

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The Jobs Through Growth Act also includes other provisions aimed at keeping America open for business by cutting red tape; making the tax code simpler, flatter, and fairer; and tearing down barriers to energy production.   

In short, this plan creates jobs by growing the economy – not the government.