Obama Economy ‘Terrible’ For Grads

Record Total Of 21.6 Million Millennials Living With Their Parents

‘Truly A Terrible Time For Recent College Graduates To Find Jobs’

Huffington Post: “It's truly a terrible time for recent college graduates to find jobs, according to data released by the New York Fed on Wednesday.” (“It's An Exceptionally Bad Time To Be A Recent College Grad,” Huffington Post, 1/25/14)

CNN Money: “The Class of 2013 will face an ‘extremely difficult’ job market when college students graduate in the months ahead, according to a new research report. Unemployment remains high for young college grads. For those who will find jobs, many will probably have to settle for low-level positions, the Economic Policy Institute said Wednesday.” (“Class Of 2013 Faces Grim Job Prospects,” CNN Money, 4/10/13)

GALLUP: “…fewer young adults with a college degree now hold a full-time job than did in June 2012...” (“In U.S., Fewer Young Adults Holding Full-Time Jobs In 2013,” Gallup, 7/26/13)

BLS: Unemployment rate for 20-24 year olds was 11.1% in Dec. 2013. (“Table A-10. Unemployment Rates By Age, Sex, And Marital Status, Seasonally Adjusted,” Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 1/28/14)


‘A Record Total Of 21.6 Million Millennials’ Living With Their Parents

WSJ: “The share of young adults living with their parents edged up last year despite improvements in the economy—a sign that the effects of the recession are lingering.” (“More Young Adults Live With Parents,” The Wall Street Journal, 8/27/13)

PEW: “A record total of 21.6 million Millennials lived in their parents’ home in 2012…” (“A Rising Share Of Young Adults Live In Their Parents’ Home,” Pew, 8/1/13)

·         “In 2012, 36% of the nation’s young adults ages 18 to 31—the so-called Millennial generation—were living in their parents’ home, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. This is the highest share in at least four decades and represents a slow but steady increase over the 32% of their same-aged counterparts who were living at home prior to the Great Recession in 2007 and the 34% doing so when it officially ended in 2009.” (“A Rising Share Of Young Adults Live In Their Parents’ Home,” Pew, 8/1/13)