ObamaCare’s Health Costs ‘Will Increase’

Despite Democrats’ Claims On Costs, The President’s Own Administration ‘Found That The Law Falls Short’

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “The plan I’m announcing tonight… will slow the growth of health care costs for our families, our businesses, and our government.” (President Obama, Remarks To Joint Session Of Congress, 9/9/09)

  • SEN. MAX BAUCUS (D-MT): “Without reform, health care expenditures will increase …” (Sen. Baucus, Congressional Record, S.12061, 12/1/09)


President’s Admin Admits: Costs Will ‘Increase By A Total Of $311 Billion’

“But the [CMS] analysis also found that the law falls short of the president's twin goal of controlling runaway costs, raising projected spending by about 1 percent over 10 years. That increase could get bigger, since Medicare cuts in the law may be unrealistic and unsustainable, the report warned.” (The Associated Press, 4/23/10)

  • CMS ACTUARY RICHARD FOSTER: “[W]e estimate that overall national health expenditures under the health reform act would increase by a total of $311 billion (0.9 percent) during calendar years 2010-2019...” (CMS Actuary Richard Foster, Memo, P.4, 4/22/10)


CBO REPORT: ‘Rising Costs For Health Care Will Push Federal Spending Up Considerably’

CBO REPORT: “…rising costs for health care will push federal spending up considerably as a percentage of GDP.” (“Budget And Economic Outlook: An Update,” Congressional Budget Office, 8/11)


CBO REPORT: ‘The Legislation Will Increase The Federal Budgetary Commitment To Health Care’

CBO REPORT: “The legislation will increase the federal budgetary commitment to health care (the sum of net federal outlays for health programs and tax preferences for health care) by $390 billion over the next 10 years.” (“The Effects Of Health Reform On The Federal Budget,” CBO, 4/12/10)



‘Health Premiums Rise Sharply’

Despite President Obama’s Repeated Promises That His Health ‘Law Will Lower Premiums,’ Families And Employers Are Paying More

 CBO: The Law Will Increase Premiums On Families By $2,100 Per Year

CBO: “Average premiums per policy in the nongroup market in 2016 would be roughly $5,800 for single policies and $15,200 for family policies under the proposal, compared with roughly $5,500 for single policies and $13,100 for family policies under current law. The weighted average of the differences in those amounts equals the change of 10 percent to 13 percent in the average premium per person…” (Emphasis In Original; CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf, Letter To Sen. Bayh, P. 6, 11/30/09)

Fact Checkers: ‘Insurance Premiums Have Gone Up’

FACTCHECK.ORG: “But the health care law isn’t expected to make insurance ‘affordable and available to every single American,’ as Obama promised… At the moment, the new law is making health care slightly less affordable.” (“Promises, Promises,” FactCheck.org, 1/4/12)

THE FACT CHECKER, Washington Post: “Moreover, at this point it is debatable whether the law has made health care more affordable. Insurance premiums have gone up, in part because of new benefits mandated by the law.” (“The Fine Print In Obama's 'Promises Kept' Ad,” The Washington Post's ‘The Fact Checker,’ 1/6/12)

‘Increase In Family Premiums’ ‘Tied To Provisions Of The Federal Health Care Overhaul’

2011: “The health-insurance premiums employers pay rose sharply this year, with the average annual cost of family coverage passing the $15,000 mark for the first time, according to a major survey.” (“Employer Health Premiums Rise Sharply,” The Wall Street Journal, 9/27/11)

“The 9% average increase in family premiums for 2011, reported in an annual poll of employers performed by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust, comes despite a continued trend toward more limited use of medical services in the U.S. Last year, family premiums rose just 3%, the survey found.” (“Employer Health Premiums Rise Sharply,” The Wall Street Journal, 9/27/11)

2012: “Employees’ share of premium costs increased 9.3% between 2011 and 2012, with the dollar burden rising from $2,529 to $2,764.” (“Performance In An Era Of Uncertainty,” Towers Watson / National Business Group On Health, P.3, 2012)

“Ralph Nilssen's five beautiful kids are about to get more expensive. Regence Blue Shield sent him a letter saying rates are going up - way up. Regence put the blame - at least in part - on the new and controversial health care law. ‘Obama care went into effect and my rates went through the roof,’ said Nilssen. In the letter, Regence told Nilssen his $532 monthly premium could nearly triple next year. ‘I just sat back and said you've got to be kidding me,’ he said.” (“Regence Blue Shield Customers Notified Of Skyrocketing Rates,” KING 5 News [WA], 10/12/10)

President Obama’s Promise: ‘This Law Will Lower Premiums’

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “Families will save on their premiums.” (President Obama, Remarks After Meeting With Senate Democrats, 12/15/09)

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  “Your employer, it's estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000 percent … which means they could give you a raise.” (“Will Health Care Bill Lower Premiums?” The Associated Press, 3/17/10)


VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: “Yeah. And … [people] are starting to find out now … that what they're told is simply not true. Their premiums haven't gone up.” (“$#!% Joe Biden Says,” GQ, 12/10)

SEN. DICK DURBIN (D-IL): “Bringing down costs of health insurance and making it more affordable is job one for this health care reform.” (Sen. Dick Durbin, Congressional Record, p. S13413, 12/18/09)