Rep. Meadows Introduces the “America Stands with Israel Act”

Washington, D.COn Thursday Rep. Mark Meadows (NC-11) introduced the America Stands with Israel Act—a bill to provide defense and security assistance to Israel.

The America Stands with Israel Act empowers the President of the United States to deal with imminent threats to Israel’s survival in two ways. First, it authorizes the President to take whatever military steps may be necessary to protect Israel from an existing or imminent military threat. Second, it allows the President to send immediate and unrestricted defensive measures and services to Israel necessary to assist in its defense.

Rep. Meadows released the following statement on the bill:

“The Middle East region remains a hotbed of terrorism, largely dominated by a country hostile to America in Iran. Israel is one of America’s closest and strongest allies. It is crucial that the Israeli-U.S. partnership remain strong for us to ever have hope for any stability in the Middle East. If Israel’s survival is ever threatened by revisionist regimes, transnational criminal organizations, or extremist terrorists, the United States must stand ready to defend our friend with the full strength and force that our nation has to offer. 

Today’s global security environment is becoming more and more complex. The United States and Israel must work jointly to face modernized threats together.

I came to Congress to firmly stand for and defend our friend, Israel, and their right to exist as a peaceful, free, and prosperous nation. My hope is that this bill will be a step toward that end.”

To read more about the bill, click here.