Speaker Boehner Applauds Senate Passage of the Budget Control Act

Many conservative critics and supporters of the Budget Control Act, which passed the United States House of Representatives on Monday by a margin of 269-161 and the United States Senate yesterday by a margin of 74-26, agree that the Tea Party now controls the agenda in Washington D.C.  As one who attended Glenn Beck's Tea Party event last August  --  along with over a half million other Tea Party supporters  --  when looking at the hundreds of thousands of families near the Lincoln Memorial on Washington D.C.'s Mall, I realized that those families represent the large majority of the American people, as anyone with any kind of commonsense would. 
As Speaker John Boehner, R-OH, said in one of his press releases below about the Budget Control Act signed into law by Barack Obama yesterday:  "We should save the celebration for when a Balanced Budget Amendment is ratified, the deficit is fixed, and our economy has returned to creating jobs."
Conservative supporters of the Buget Control Act, Donald Lambro, said in yesterday's "The Washington Times," the Republicans were the "clear winners" and William McGurn said in "The Wall Street Journal" that "The Republicans clearly won this round in the continuing battle of the budget, even with the Democrats tenuously holding the White House and controlling the Senate with a vulnerable four-seat margin."  McGurn also wrote about the Democrats' abominable campaign against the Tea Party, writing that many Democrat leaders and liberal commentators "[likened] Republicans and tea partiers to terrorists."
On the other hand, former establishment conservative and now Tea Party supporter, Tony Blankley, said in his column in "The Washington Times" yesterday that he has been "a Reagan conservative incrementalist all my political life. But the near and ominous debt and statism future is radicalizing me quickly. We must do much more, much faster than this deal offers if we are to save our future. The establishment needs to start emotionally de-investing in a fast dying status quo and prepare to embrace real change."
So, the battle for trillions of dollars of more cuts to Obama's bloated government will continue in earnest with Speaker John Boehner's Tea Party members leading the way.  Note the press releases on Monday and Tuesday directly below:

Speaker Boehner Statement on Senate Passage of the Budget Control Act

Washington (Aug 2) House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement upon Senate passage of the Budget Control Act to cut spending and avoid default:

“This is a positive step forward that begins to rein in federal spending, but it's only a step.  We should save the celebration for when a Balanced Budget Amendment is ratified, the deficit is fixed, and our economy has returned to creating jobs.

“I congratulate my friend Senator McConnell on his remarkable leadership in guiding this legislation through the Senate.”


Speaker Boehner: Budget Control Act Meets ‘Cut-More-Than-You-Hike’ Standard & Has No Tax Hikes

Washington (Aug 1) House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) appeared at a press conference with GOP leaders today to discuss the Budget Control Act – a bipartisan agreement to cut spending, advance the cause of a Balanced Budget Amendment, and prevent a job-crushing national default.  Following are excerpts from Boehner’s comments:


“In January, the first week that we were sworn into office, the president asked for an increase in the debt ceiling, and I made clear at that time we there would be no increase in the debt ceiling without significant cuts in spending and changes to the way we spend the American people’s money. … I was in New York, and gave a speech and outlined that I thought the spending cuts should exceed the amount of the debt limit increase, and there should be no taxes as part of this agreement.  When you look at what we’ve been able to achieve, we’ve met those two standards… We’ve been very consistent, that it’s time for America to deal with its spending problem and deal with the fact that we’ve made promises to the American people that our kids and grandkids just can’t afford.”


“We have worked with our Members and listened to the American people who have a real interest in making sure that we don't get into this spot again, and that we ought to have a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  …It gives us the best shot we’ve had in the 20 years I’ve been here to build support for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution to put the kind of fiscal handcuffs on this Congress that are sorely needed.  If we had been operating under a Balanced Budget Amendment, we’d have never gotten ourselves into the mess that we’re in.”


This is really important for our fiscal future, but it’s also important for the fact that our economy needs to get going.  Beginning to take steps towards fixing our fiscal problems will in fact provide more confidence for employers in America, the people we expect to reinvest in our economy and create jobs.”

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