Speaker Boehner: Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Address & America’s Bond With Israel

Next Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will become the second foreign leader in history to address the U.S. Congress on three occasions.  The first was Churchill.

Ahead of the joint meeting, Speaker Boehner addressed recent comments made by Susan Rice, the president’s national security adviser. Take a look:

“The president’s national security adviser says it’s ‘destructive’ for the prime minister of Israel to address the United States Congress next week.  I couldn’t disagree more.  The American people and both parties in Congress have always stood with Israel.  Nothing – and no one – should get in the way of that.

“But what is ‘destructive,’ in my view, is making a bad deal that paves the way for a nuclear Iran.  That’s destructive – and that’s why it is so important for the American people to hear what the Prime Minister has to say about the grave threats we’re facing.

“So I’m glad the prime minister is coming, and I’m glad that most of my colleagues, Democrats and Republicans, will be there to hear what he has to say.”