U.S. Debt ($15 trillion) now = U.S. economy; beginning to equal Greece

The Office of the House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, Republican from California, sent out a shocking email alerting Americans that the national debt has now gone above an incredible $15 trillion.  Barack Obama is responsible for $4.4 trillion of that national debt piling up his gargantuan debt during his less than 3 years in office 
The $15 trillion is now equal to America's gross domestic product (GDP).  The total public debt outstanding is at a ratio of 100% of GDP.  America is quickly becoming like Greece which effectively went bankrupt recently.  Last year, Greece had a public debt to GDP ratio of 145%.
During the past 8 fiscal years (October 1 to September 30), the public debt has increased by over $500 billion each year.  President George W. Bush and Barack Obama share responsibility for the fiscal year 2008 budget of over $1 trillion.  Obama is solely responsible for the 2 biggest annual deficits in American history:  $1.9 trillion in FY2009 and $1.7 trillion in FY2010. 
What is absolutely outrageous is that even while America's debt has reached $15 trillion, most of the Democrats in Congress want to approve Obama's 2nd gigantic "stimulus" bill with a price tag of $447 billion and they want to raise taxes on the American people. This is on top of Obama's first failed stimulus bill which cost American taxpayers nearly a trillion dollars. 
The House Majority Whip's email is directly below:


SHOT: US National Debt Reaches $15 Trillion. “Total Public Debt Outstanding: $15,033,607,920.32” (TreasuryDirect.gov, Accessed 11/16/11)

CHASER: Whip Hoyer Is Whipping Against Balanced Budget Amendment – “Now Is Not The Time.” House Democratic leaders are urging their colleagues to vote against a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution when it comes up for a vote this month, all but ensuring its defeat. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said that although he has supported a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget in 1995, now is not the time.” (Gregory Korte, “House Dems Will Block Balanced Budget Amendment,” USA Today, 11/4/11)

CHASER: White House Says Balanced Budget Amendment Is Unnecessary. “The Administration strongly opposes H. J. Res. 2. We do not need to amend the Constitution for only the 28th time in our nation’s history to do the job of restoring fiscal discipline.” (White House Statement Of Administrative Policy, 11/15/11)

CHASER: $4.4 Trillion Added To Debt Under President Obama & Democratic Congress. (TreasuryDirect.gov, Accessed 11/16/11)