Women in the Workforce Since President Obama Took Office

Key Facts

  •  Democrats have never had a plan to fix our economy and keep calling for higher taxes, more spending and more red tape.   
  • Instead of providing solutions, the president has turned to the politics of division and Democrats tried to manufacture a completely fictitious “war on women.” 
  •  The crisis facing women today is a job crisis following four years of failed economic policies. 
  • Under President Obama, the percentage of American women in the workforce is at its lowest level since 1992.


Women are Disproportionally Impacted by President Obama's Failed Policies

450,000 More Unemployed Women Since President Obama Took Over: There are 451,000 more unemployed women in America since President Obama took office and implemented his failed economic policies. Since January 2009, the number of unemployed women in American has increased from 5 million to 5.45 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Labor Force Participation Among Women the Lowest in 20 Years:  Labor force participation among women has fallen to a 20-year low under the president’s failed policies. According BLS, only 57.6 percent of all women in America are in the workforce, the lowest level since October 1992. When President Obama took office, that number was 59.4 percent. If the participation rate were the same today as it was when the president took office, an additional 2.2 million women would be in the workforce.

Major Employment Indicators for Women

When Obama Took Office


Change Under Obama's Policies?

Number of Unemployed Woman

5 Million

5.45 Million

450,000 More Unemployed Women

Number of Women Outside of the Workforce

49.1 Million

53.4 Million

4.3 Million More Women Outside the Workforce

Percentage of Women Who Are in the  Workforce



Lowest Level of Labor Participation Since 1992

Household Income



Down $4,019 In Less Than Four Years

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics (Labor Force Statistics - One-Screen Data Search) and Sentier Research


4 Million More Women Left the Workforce Since President Obama Took Over: According BLS, the number of women who are not in the workforce has grown by 4.3 million since President Obama took office. The number of women outside the labor force jumped from 49.2 million in January 2009 to 53.5 million today. While the president tries to tout his focus on American women, his failed economic policies have actually driven more than four million women out of the workforce.

Unemployment Among Women Up Since President Obama Took Over:  Unemployment among women of all walks of life has steadily increased because of the failed economic policies of President Obama.

  • Unemployment among all women ages 16 and over is now 7.5 percent, a 7 percent increase since the president took office.
  • The only reason the rate is not higher is because so many women simply gave up their search for a career.
  • Unemployment among single women is now 11.2 percent, an 11 percent increase since the president took office.
  • Unemployment among African American women is now 11.6 percent, a 14 percent increase since the president took office.


As a Social Group, Women Have Been the Most Negatively Impacted Under President Obama: A recent Pew study found that “women are the only group for whom employment growth lagged behind population growth from 2009 to 2011.”

Incomes Fall As Women Find It Harder to Make Ends Meet: As women are disproportionately penalized in the Obama economy and unable to find work, average incomes have gown down dramatically. According to a recent study, when the president signed the so-called “stimulus,” the average U.S. household income was $54,964. Today, it is $50,964 and has fallen by $4,019 as a result of the job-destroying policies of President Obama.


Republicans Have A Plan To Get All Americans Back To Work

House Republicans have worked to enact a solution for the unemployment crisis – the House Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators, which includes dozens of bipartisan bills that Senator Harry Reid is blocking in the Do-Nothing Democrat Senate. 


Among the 38 jobs bills that are being blocked in the Senate, House Republicans have voted to:

  • Stop the president’s small businesses tax hike that will destroy an additional 700,000 jobs.
  •  Reduce the unnecessary red tape that is keeping small business from creating jobs.
  • Institute an all-of-the-above energy strategy that will lower energy prices, create jobs and bring us closer to energy independence.  

This plan is focused on protecting taxpayers and helping small businesses grow the economy and create more and better paying jobs for all Americans struggling during the worst employment crisis since the Great Depression.