“Peace-building is treason.”

At a time when the leadership of the United States is engaged in a contentious struggle over the building of a security wall along the southern border to help keep citizens safe from terrorists and others, the United Nations has opened its doors wide for the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas a.k.a Abu Mazen, and the government of the United States of America has granted him a visa to enter the country.  What makes this so shocking is the fact that Mahmoud Abbas is himself a terrorist who openly calls for the destruction of Israel and the United States, yet he was allowed to enter the United States and was welcomed at the U.N. as a dignitary and leader of a nation.  What?  He should have been arrested and prosecuted!  

Mahmoud Abbas promotes, and funds acts of terror against Israelis and Americans, pays lifetime financial benefits through his “Pay for Slay” program to those who murder Israelis and Americans and defends this program by saying those who commit such acts are “sacred stars in the sky.”  Furthermore, the Palestinian people are not a nation.  They are a movement which began with Yasser Arafat when he and his band of thugs were banished from Jordan for being the primary national security threat to that country.  The world is overlooking the facts in favor of embracing the false narratives created by Arafat and his successor, Mahmoud Abbas.  The PA justifies acts of terror against Israel by calling them “illegal occupiers” of the land.  To support this claim, they have invented origins for themselves that predate the Jewish people’s presence in the Holy Land despite archaeological evidence and historic writings to the contrary.  

The world seems to be buying what the Palestinians are selling and the U.N. is cheering them on. The Palestinian Authority (PA) is fundamentally involved in terror yet the international community is not holding them responsible or accountable. In fact, they are being rewarded.  In addition to Abbas being welcomed at the United Nations last week, he was awarded the chairmanship of the “Group of 77 and China.”  Most have not heard of this organization, but it is significant.  The “Group of 77 and China” is a coalition of 134 developing nations created to promote the economic interests of its members and create a significant negotiating bloc within the United Nations.  While Abbas is serving as its leader, the Palestinians will be able to cosponsor proposals and amendments, make statements and raise procedural motions.  Naturally, Israel and the U.S. are opposed.  The Palestinians will look for every opportunity to punish Israel for some manufactured grievance and will continue working at isolating Israel and the U.S. from Arab member states.  With Abbas at the helm of the “Group of 77 and China,” there will be no peace with Israel.  Abbas recently proclaimed that “peace-building is treason.”  By giving Abbas control of such a significant U.N. organization, it seems the entire world is acting collectively as enemies of Israel – the only Jewish state in the world established on land deeded to it by God Himself.