Americans are being manipulated by leftist media

YOUR THOUGHTS and OPINIONS are being manipulated...

and it is being done in ways that are subtle but to the knowing person, it is an outrage.  I have personally observed and talked at length with people in the movie and film industry.  I have two decades of background experience in news media and television. Based on my experience and observation, there are certain techniques used by the media to slant and color your thoughts and opinions without you being aware of what is happening.  A recent example is last night's 60 Minutes interview with Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Hussein Obama.

If you watched the interviews last night, reflect back.  If you did not watch the interview, please go to the 60 Minutes website where you may view that interview.  It is so important that "we the people" be informed about our choice for the next President of the United States.  As you reflect back on the broadcast and/or watch the interview on their website, keep in mind these observations.

1.  Note the camera angle when focused on Mitt Romney's face.  A portion of his forehead is off the screen.  This is not by accident nor due to the shot being too close up.  It is done to create an irritation in the minds of viewers.  Viewers are not consciously aware that they are being manipulated in this manner.

2.  Note the carafe of wine which was intentionally captured on film as it was placed on the table in front of the camera as 60 Minutes was showing a Mitt Romney fundraising gathering.  This could serve to influence those who are opposed to alcohol by making a direct connection between alcohol and Mitt Romney and those who support him.

3.  Notice the slight frown, sharp eye focus, stern facial expression and less than friendly posture of Scott Pelley as he questioned Governor Romney.  This was done in an attempt to put Mitt Romney on the defensive but Romney remained calm and collected. Perhaps he recognized what was happening.  To Mitt Romney's credit, he answered the questions without hesitation, apologies, or any hint of agitation.

4.  In contrast, recall the attitude of Steve Kroft as he interviewed President Obama.  Mr. Kroft smiled and displayed positive reinforcing body language thus affirming Barack Obama.  This was designed to create a positive image in the minds of viewers.  Note that 60 Minutes showed Barack Obama's full face and not as close a shot as they did that of Governor Romney which served to make the governor look like he had an "in your face" attitude.  Are you finding yourself surprised that these tactics are used by the media to influence your thoughts and opinions?   Don't be surprised.  Just be aware.

5.  Note the authoritative position Steve Kroft gave to President Obama during the stand up interview conducted outdoors.  In contrast to the blurred background in the interview with Romney, the background for Obama was green, serene and very pleasant.  In addition, Steve Kroft was in a position slightly down from President Obama which made him have to look UP to President Obama during the interview.  This created an authoritative image in the minds of viewers.  Yes, there are differences in the height of these two people and 60 Minutes used this to President Obama's advantage during the interview.

There are many more examples of media manipulation but I think you get the point.  Be aware of these techniques as you watch and as you read.  The print media has their own set of special techniques designed to influence your thoughts and opinions.  Never before has America had a greater need for voters to cast an educated vote.  KNOW WHO you are voting for and, as was the message in the recent documentary film "2016" which is airing in movie theatres across America but given almost no media attention (for information, this film is a MUST SEE for everyone of voting age), ask yourself what we want America to look like in 2016 - the America established by our great Founding Fathers or the America being created by our current White House administration.

November 2012 represents a critical time in the history of America.  As you contemplate your choice for the next President of the United States, please take a moment to consider how your candidate will stand with and support America's only true friend and ally in the Middle East - Israel.  

In November, here are some important questions to consider.

1. Does the candidate of your choice recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state?

2. Does your candidate of choice support Israel’s right to have secure, recognized and defensible borders which is the right of every sovereign state?

3. Does your candidate support the Palestinian demand of what is known as the “right of return?”  In other words, should Israel be forced to absorb into their population more than 7 million Palestinian refugees which is more than the Jewish population of Israel (6 million) thus resulting in the demographics of Israel being changed forever?

4. Should the Palestinians be granted a state of their own even if they refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish nation-state and even if they maintain their 1988 charter which calls for the total destruction of Israel and the killing of Jewish people around the world?

5. Do you believe that Israel, like every sovereign nation in the world, has the right to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks, threats of attack, acts of violence and aggression?

You MUST be informed AND you MUST get involved!

It is incumbent upon all of us who love freedom and democracy to stand up and speak out in support of Israel and make sure those we elect to "serve the people" will do the same.  Clearly America and the rest of the world have reached a crossroads.  Turmoil, social unrest, terrorism and natural disasters are striking diverse places around the globe.  God promises He will bless those who bless Israel.  Let's not miss our opportunity to seek God's blessing this coming November.