Facts Speak the Truth

Regular readers of my articles here know that I co-host a weekly, hour-long radio program called “Front Page Jerusalem.” This program is broadcast on stations across the United States and around the world. It provides news and commentary about Israel, is produced in Jerusalem, and is giving millions of people factual news about Israel.

The purpose of “Front Page Jerusalem” is to give the world news about Israel without the anti-Israel bias that permeates most of the international media. Our mission is to communicate the truth about Israel in the face of the deceitful untruths or half-truths propagated elsewhere. While the world media often paint Israelis as heartless villains, “Front Page Jerusalem” truthfully reveals Israelis to be people of strong character and high moral values who love life — all life.

I realize that as a media voice, the FPJ radio network is a minority. However, since we are a voice of truth, we have the spiritual courage and strength of conviction to persevere. And as Christian spokespersons, we believe we are in tune with the God of the universe when it comes to our positive perspective about Israel, its history and its current developments.

One of the major charges of the anti-Israel media is that Israelis are hate-filled, evil people who live in a perpetual state of animosity and fear. Of course, if these critics were to visit Israel, they would see that the people of this special little nation go about their daily tasks with great freedom, purpose and enthusiasm. Public places are bustling with active and smiling human beings, none of whom seem intimidated or fearful. Ben Yehuda Street in downtown Jerusalem is alive with all kinds of people, businesses, music and activities which underline Israel’s freedom and sense of safety and security.

The young nation of Israel enjoys great freedom of speech and movement which cannot be found in any Arab or Muslim nation in the Middle East. There is no hint anywhere that the people of Israel are fearful, oppressed or unhappy. We should add that in Israel there is also less crime — whether robberies, rapes or killings — than in any other country of the world.

The international media also try to paint Israel as undemocratic, discriminatory and racist — even going so far as to accuse Israel of being an apartheid state. Of course, everyone in the country knows that they have a well functioning democratic government, quite different from all the authoritarian Arab and Muslim governments of the Middle East. Every Israeli adult, including women, has the right to vote; and what many do not know is that there are more than a million Arabs who are Israeli citizens with the same rights and privileges as all other Israeli citizens — including representation in the Knesset.

Most Israel bashers do not  realize that more than a million Arabs live in the Jewish cities of Jaffa, Haifa, Nazareth and others without being harmed or discriminated against. And they don’t realize that in the Galilee, dozens of Arab villages are mingled among Jewish villages, with the Arabs free to come and go and do as they please. Half of the Old City of Jerusalem is inhabited by Arabs, and all Arabs have free access to the Muslim shrines on the Temple Mount.

Now, like any other nation on earth, Israel is not perfect; but its critics will have to look long and hard to find discrimination or apartheid. Yet they report such untruths without blinking. Another charge on the list of the anti-Semitic media is that Israelis are hateful and violent people who react with disproportionate force to any small Arab or Muslim provocation. If these critics would honestly compare the actions of the Arabs to the reactions of the Israelis, they would see a great difference.

Palestinian Arab terrorist groups have regularly attacked innocent Israeli civilians ever since Israel was restored as a nation. They have fired explosive rockets into civilian villages, and they have sent suicide bombers on to Israeli buses and into Israeli gathering places. Their leaders have urged people in their mosques and children in their schools to hate and kill Jews.

In response, Israelis have refused to descend to the same level of depravity as their enemies. Only when their patience has been exhausted have they reluctantly retaliated in self defense; and even then, they have been extremely careful to avoid harming innocent civilians — especially women and children.

Through it all, the Jewish people have proved beyond any doubt that God has miraculously brought them back to their ancient homeland, He has justifiably restored their nation, and He has divinely preserved and prospered it. Israel has fulfilled the Torah promise that it would be a good land, “a land flowing with milk and honey.”

The God-given innovation of the Jewish people, along with their indomitable spirit and high ethical values, has made modern Israel a great wonder of the world … in spite of what the anti-Semitic international media think or say.