Gregg's withdrawal as Commerce Secretary nominee -- because of census -- is a warning to Obama

Obama's Democrats' lust for power continues unabated. They control both chambers in the 111th Congress with a very large margin in the Senate. They control the White House. Yet, they want to give amnesty to 18 million plus illegal aliens and many of their family members not already in the United States. They believe that this action will provide many more Democrat votes in the future.

The Democrats want to muzzle conservative radio talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. To do this, many key Democrats are threatening to bring back the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" through legislation which will effectively force all talk show hosts off the airwaves. They believe that this action will enable their friends in the left-wing media to consolidate their monopoly of news dissemination. Undoubtedly, this will provide the Democrat Party with many new votes in the future as the corrupt and biased broadcasting networks and other outlets condemn Republican Party policies and officials.

Now, the Obama administration has announced a very unconstitutional policy and that is to allow Obama's chief of staff -- former Congressman Rahm Emmanuel, also from Governor Rod Blagojevich's and Barack Obama's state of Illinois -- to take control of the federal census from the professionals in the Commerce Department.

As this nearly-completed blog entry was about to be submitted, shocking news was announced in a press release from New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg, who was nominated to become Obama's new Commerce Secretary (which was announced with great fanfare in the Obama-worshipping "news" media.)

Senator Gregg said he is withdrawing his nomination to be Obama's Commerce Secretary, which followed the withdrawal of Democrat Governor Bill Richardson's nomination for the same post. In his press release Senator Gregg cited "irresolvable differences" which have emerged between himself and Obama including the 2010 census supervision being moved from the Commerce Department to the Obama White House.

A former Census Bureau Director, Bruce Chapman, in charge of the census in 1981-1983, said in an op-ed dated Februrary 7, 2009: "[T]he White House and its Congressional allies are wrong in asserting that the Census in the past has reported directly to the president through his staff. Directors of the Bureau often brief presidents and their staffs, but, as a former director (under President Reagan), I don't know any cases where the conduct of the Bureau was directly under White House supervision. That includes Clinton in 2000, Bush 41 in 1990, and Carter in 1980."

Since the most important function of the constitutionally-required census every ten years is to provide the basis for the redistricting which will determine the make-up of the congressional districts, it is obvious the Obama administration wants to have a controlling influence on determining the make-up of as many congressional districts which it can. At the very least, that is the appearance of what the Obama Administration is doing.

Fox News reported that the congressional delegation in Utah is branding Obama's decision to control the federal census counting in the White House a partisan move on the part of the Democrats. By doing this, Obama and his Democrats will have a powerful edge in redrawing gerrymandered districts favoring their party.

Barrack Obama, instead of establishing a post-partisan White House, is quickly establishing his White House as one of the most radically partisan in American history. What Obama is doing is instituting yet another move to enable his party to hold on to power. The move by Senator Gregg to withdraw his nomination as Commerce Secretary is a warning to Barack Obama. There is still time for him to come to his senses and rescind this unwise and likely, unlawful, decision. Americans are hoping that he will do just that.

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