He doth protest too much

Is Barack Obama a socialist? That subject has been much bandied about since the Obama administration has been spewing out left-wing programs after he was sworn into office nearly a couple months ago.

The subject of whether or not Obama is a socialist came to a head when a reporter from the "paper of record," "The New York Times" -- which incidentally is on the verge of bankruptcy -- asked him if he was a socialist? Some reporter somewhere -- at even "The New York Times" -- had to wonder what Obama's politics really are, considering that Obama is the most left-wing president in American history to win the office.

Obama was the #1 liberal out of 100 Senators in the last Congress; even to the left of Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders, who has run as a socialist for many years. Ironically -- considering these new intrusive questions -- Obama won with the great help of such newspapers as the "paper of record." The "Times" reporter had to wonder what Obama's politics really are considering the number of programs emulating European socialist programs which the Obama administration has been pushing through Congress or threatening to push through Congress at lightning speed.

Being the Ivy League scholar that Obama is about the nature of socialism, he became so uncomfortable with his original denial to "The New York Times" reporter and other reporters that he was not a socialist, he called the reporter on the phone (a conversation which was recorded) with a convoluted explanation that he was not a socialist and that he was not instituting socialist policies in America or words to that effect. However, in his usual partisan way, Obama blamed the previous president for signing into law a bank bailout bill, which incidentally, Obama voted for just before the election.

Paraphrasing Queen Gertrude in Act 3 of Shakespeare's Hamlet, methinks he doth protest too much.

Other liberals are beginning to wonder about Obama's politics. Left-wing comedian Whoopie Goldberg said on "The View" today that she is getting angry about the tax increases being imposed on the wealthy, even though she doesn't mind paying her share. She complained about her federal taxes being raised; her state taxes being raised; her telephone taxes being raised and paraphrasing now, "my this and that and this and that taxes being raised." Is Whoopie getting a little worried about Obamanomics?

Communist Karl Marx popularized the slogan "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (or needs)" in his 1887 Critique of the Gotha Program. In other words, under a communist system -- not quite a socialist system -- every person needs to contribute to society to the best of his ability and take from society (or consume) in proportion to his needs, even if he contributes little or nothing to society.

Hmmmm. That sounds a little like what Obama's Democrats want to force on American society with their $1 trillion (with interest) stimulus bill (supported by only 3 of the Congress' 219 Republicans) and signed into law by Obama; the pork-filled 1/2 trillion (with interest) FY09 Omnibus bill with its 8,500 or so pork projects, and soon-to-be-debated Obama $3.6 trillion FY10 federal budget.

Senator Rick Santorum told Greta Van Susteren tonight that Barack Obama has governed from the far left so far. He said that Obama has allowed the Democrat-controlled Congress to lead him around. Congress is led by the most left-wing speaker of the House in American history, San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Is it any wonder why the "New York Times" reporter and Whoopie Goldberg are getting concerned about Obamalism and are asking questions?

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