If the Bible is Correct, They Will Turn Their Swords Against Each Other

Many stories of justice and of God overcoming evil fill the Bible, God’s Holy Word.  One of the most dramatic and best known is the amazing defeat of the giant Goliath by David in I  Samuel 17.  David was a shepherd boy who miraculously vanquished the mocking giant Goliath on a battlefield in Israel.  “The battle is the Lord’s,” shouted David as he hurled the fatal stone from his simple slingshot into Goliath’s forehead.  The giant crumpled dead onto the battlefield floor.  With this heroic feat and his simple trust in the Lord, David saved the Army and the nation of Israel from destruction.

David and Goliath, the giant and the shepherd boy, is a reminder that Israel can have the same confidence in the same God in today’s conflict with the Islamic nations of the Middle East.  Israel is the David, the lone tiny Jewish nation in conflict with Goliath, the expansive 26-nation Islamic empire of the Middle East.  God’s Word is as true today as it was in the ancient days of the battle of the Philistines and Israel when little David cried out “The battle is the Lord’s.”

Interestingly, the conflict does not seem to be a religious battle on both sides.  Yes, the Islamic religion motivates all of the Arab nations to hate the Jewish people of Israel.  Israel’s Judaism is not a force of hatred against the Muslims.  Actually, more than half of the Israeli citizens are secular Jews who do not embrace or practice Judaism.  We might add that the Islam of the Middle East also hates all Christians, especially those in the United States of America, even though more than half of America’s citizens are not true Christians either.  So while it seems to be a religious conflict, it is really a national conflict, the Arab nations in conflict with Israel and America.  In Israel’s case, it is certainly a repeat of David vs. Goliath.

Our minds can go back to the middle of the last century when Jewish forces faced the giant of pagan fascism.  Fascism actually had Muslim supporters including the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.  The Mufti is forever sealed into the fascist conspiracy through the photos of him smiling beside an equally evil and jolly Adolph Hitler.  In Berlin they agreed that any of the European Jews who might escape to the area, then known as Palestine, would be slaughtered by Muslim troops in the Middle East.

These two were over confidant that victory was theirs and that the final solution for the annihilation of the Jews was near.  But there again, “The battle was the Lord’s.”  Hitler and fascism died in ignominy and the Jewish nation of Israel is alive, well, and thriving in its ancient homeland.  How did the Jewish David become the victor over the giant Goliath of fascism?  The God of Israel is the one true and only answer.

Today the enemies of Israel need to be reminded that God has re-gathered the Jewish people into their own land, “…never to be uprooted again,” according to the prophet Amos.   We do not know exactly when the Islamic empire is going to try to attack Israel, but it seems that we can expect it soon.  Muslim leaders continually tell the world that they plan “to wipe Israel off the face of the map.”  They would have us to believe that this is in the very near future.

The Bible tells us that a coalition of Arab nations, led by the Biblical Persia, the present day Iran, and assisted by Russia, will organize to come against Israel in the latter days.  This Goliath coalition is already coalescing.  Russia has been working for years with all of the Arab nations mentioned in this prophecy, arming them with modern weapons and training their military forces.  And for what?  There is no other answer except to attack and annihilate David, the tiny Jewish nation of Israel.

Here again, “the battle will be the Lord’s.”  The Bible foretells that when this coalition assembles on the plains of Megiddo in Israel to prepare to attack Jerusalem, God will cause these Arab-Islamic military forces to “turn their swords on one another” and this seems to be happening even now.  They will be defeated and annihilated by David’s God before they even get a shot at Jerusalem.

Remember the cry of David.  “The Battle is the Lord’s”.