Important Ingredient Missing in the Campaign for President of the United States

Have you noticed that in all the current U.S. presidential campaign oratory, in all the TV debates, and in all the mass media coverage of the campaigns, something has been missing? Yes, one most important subject, one most serious issue has been strangely missing and that missing ingredient is nothing other than Israel!

Of course, the first thing we must ask is, "Why?"  Why is Israel not on the minds of candidates Obama and Romney? Why are they seemingly ignoring one of America's most important foreign policy issues? Why has there been no in-depth mention of Israel in their campaign rhetoric?

Israel is certainly a dominant focus of world news almost every day. The Israeli-Arab conflict continues to flare, and the American media are on the spot, along with the rest of the world media. So with the eyes of the whole world daily focused on Israel, why is Israel apparently not important to the U.S. presidential candidates?

While both candidates agree that the U.S. economy and the "war on terror" are central issues in the campaign, how can they Obama and Romney talk about Iraq and Iran, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah and yet say nothing about the unrelenting violence of the Palestinians and other Muslim terrorists?

Israel is undoubtedly America's only loyal and faithful ally in the Middle East. And Israel's assistance is certainly important to the success of America's presence throughout the Middle East where thousands of American military troops have placed their lives on the line. Is this very special alliance not important to the presidential candidates?

With Iran's President Ahmadinejad calling almost continually for Israel to be "wiped off the face of the map," how can Obama and Romney ignore this grave existential threat to Israel?

Seems they are more concerned with appeasing the Palestinians and dividing Jerusalem than they are about the threat posed by a nuclear Iran.

Since U.S. intelligence sources have strangely concluded that Iran has discontinued its nuclear weapons development which any thinking person knows is erroneous, this places Israel in a position of having to "go it alone" to protect herself, as well as the U.S., from possible nuclear destruction. How can the two candidates for president act as if Iran is not a serious threat and Israel a key deterrent?

Neither Obama nor Romney has made strong statements concerning Israel. Neither has said enough to attract much media attention. Why?

It would appear that both Obama and Romney would come out with strong statements of support and assistance for Israel in recognition and reciprocation for the invaluable friendship, support and help that Israel faithfully provides for America.