It's Time to Let a Little Sunshine In

For years, Congressman Pete Sessions, Republican from Texas, and Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the conservative House Republican Study Committee have been trying to let a little sunshine into the congressional committee proceedings in the United States House of Representatives.   

One would think that after campaign promises from both the president and the speaker of the house that the Democrats would conduct the most open and honest White House and House of Representatives in history; that the Democrats would not be fighting the transparency which would be gained by the passage of House Resolution (H.Res. 874.)  The resolution would require that all roll-call votes in House committees be posted on their respective websites within 48 hours of each vote.  

The way it works now in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's House of Repressentatives is that some committees post their votes, while others do not-and even some that do post them do not do so in a timely manner.  The House Republican Study Committee (RSC) chaired by a physician, Congressman Tom Price from Georgia, argues that "this resolution would fix that so that the public could have easy, quick, consistent access to roll-calls in committees.   

"It's a 'sunshine' project we at the RSC and Rep. Pete Sessions have worked on for years. This year, the resolution is being carried by Rep. David Reichert of Washington-and is supported by House Republican leadership and committee ranking members."  

Christian Coalition of America wholeheartedly supports such transparency and urges the Congress to pass H.Res. 874 in the House of Representaties and a similar resolution in the United States Senate.

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