Lies and Deception Produce Another Loss For Radical Islam

You have probably heard mention at some time or other of the "Seven Wonders of the World." Of course, they are all strange and unusual physical phenomena that seem to defy reality. But it seems that another worldwide strange wonder, a mental and psychological wonder, took place at the United Nations  a few months ago.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas addressed the UN General Assembly, asking them to support the establishment of a new, independent Palestinian state and to approve its admission to the United Nations. The great wonder is that so many in that UN crowd vigorously applauded Abbas numerous times, virtually expressing their support for such an undeserved and ridiculous request.

How could anyone at the United Nations take Palestinian leader Abbas seriously? His speech was unsurprisingly full of lies, deceitfulness, and untruthfulness. But since the UN crowd kept applauding him, it is obvious that crowd has little or no recognition or respect for truth. Their anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias overrides the truth.

Yes, the sympathetic Arab and Muslim nations make up about one-third of the UN body, but many European and Asian nations also contributed to the ridiculous show of support. These people have to know something about the truth of the Israeli-Palestinian situation. The sad wonder is how they can choose to ignore the truth and to believe all the inversions of truth the Palestinian leaders have been putting out all these years.

To start with, Abbas wanted the UN to think he was asking their support for a Palestinian state that would co-exist peacefully with Israel. He did not draw attention to his many previous statements that he would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Nor did he mention the several so-called peace agreements that he and his predecessor have already signed, and that he has never made even an initial effort to fulfill any of the terms of those agreements.

How can the UN believe the word of someone who has even affixed his signature to outright lies? How can so much of the world community continue to support such a dishonest and untrustworthy person and the largely radical population he represents?

Next, Abbas claimed again that the Jewish people are occupying Arab land. He charged that Israel is building "settlements" or Jewish communities on land that is supposed to be part of the Palestinian state. Of course, that is another gross mistruth. The Jewish people have owned that land for some 4,000 years, and there never has been such a thing as a Palestinian state on land belonging to Israel. The land was promised to the Jewish people by the God of Israel as "an everlasting possession." Doesn't everlasting mean never ending?

Abbas is also demanding that Israel simply turn over the Eastern half of their great capital city of Jerusalem to the Arabs, as if it belongs to them, so they can use it as the capital of their Palestinian state. Never mind that the Jewish Old City of Jerusalem is still there, complete with its historic walls and the Temple Mount, the most special holy site to the Jewish people.

Of course, Abbas also ignores that Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital ever since ancient King David established his throne there centuries upon centuries ago. And it is the Jewish people, not the Arabs, who have developed Jerusalem into the great and special modern city that it is today. Do all those UN diplomats really believe that Israel should simply give the whining Arabs half of that great city for nothing, knowing that it never has belonged to them?

What's more, Abbas deceitfully accused Israel again of being the obstacle to peace and to the establishment of a Palestinian state. So he wants the UN and the world to ignore that Israel has offered the Palestinians "land for peace" several times already so they could have their own state, but these offers have been rejected by the Arab leadership every time. Instead of peace, the actual responses of the Arabs have been violence and terrorism. If the Palestinians had accepted these offers, the conflict would be over, and Palestine would already be a state.

Can't these UN people and other world leaders see and understand the true mind and intentions of the Palestinians? They don't really want peace. They want the destruction and annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people.

So what is it, truly, that Abbas is asking ? He wants land without peace. He wants a state without concessions. He wants the international community to recognize a Palestinian Arab state with no reciprocal recognition of the Jewish state of Israel. The wants an independent, sovereign land base from which he can continue the state of war with Israel, with intentions of her destruction and an Arab take-over of all the land of Israel as the Palestinian state.

It is pleasing that the UN decided not to vote that day on Abbas' application for recognition of a Palestinian state and its admission to the UN. It seems that there were not enough votes for approval.

One post script note:  It is not a sin to followers of Islam to lie to someone in order to try to achieve their objectives. If their deception proves successful, they consider their deceitful act to be a clever accomplishment. This explains why the Palestinians and other Muslims have so often blatantly lied to the world. Yet the wonder of it all is that so many people, leaders, and nations of the world strangely continue to fall for their deceit and to give them their support.

Earl Cox is an international broadcaster and regular contributing writer for the Jerusalem Post and other publications. Because of his truthful radio reporting and commentaries, he was named by former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, as “the voice of Israel to America.”  Recently, Earl was officially given the title of “Good Will Ambassador” from Israel to Christian and Jewish communities around the world by Israel’s current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.