More than they are willing to pay.

Often I write about the Palestinians and for good reason.  We are living in a world which seems to have turned upside down and inside out. The Palestinian leadership are corrupt terrorists yet they are being accepted as legitimate heads of state even though they have no state, no legitimate nation and no country. We are indeed living in a very confusing time and the truth is often hard to discern. 

The Bible talks about a time when the world will be in constant turmoil and we should be under no illusions – that time is surely upon us. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is but one example but it is an important one as it involves the most contested piece of real estate on the planet.  A tiny bit of land no larger than the size of one of our smallest states is often the focus of international attention.  As long as Israel and the Jewish people continue to exist, there will be no real peace with the Palestinians or with any Muslim country.

Occasionally, Hamas will agree to a truce with Israel but it’s never for the purpose of hammering out a pathway to peace.  Any truce between Hamas and Israel is merely a tactic Hamas is using to buy time to restock their lethal arsenal and secure additional recruits and Iran and Hezbollah are quite willing to provide both.  If Hamas can push Israel beyond choice thus forcing her to take serious action, they will have achieved a great victory.  The media is always quick to condemn Israel regardless of the facts and the media is largely responsible for shaping public opinion. Hamas will never cease their violent intent to destroy Israel and they will use any means available. 

For quite some time Hamas has been busy stockpiling missiles to launch a massive strike against the Jewish state. Death to Israel is part of the Palestinian DNA. It’s hard for Americans to understand such a culture of hate but it is bred into them from a very young age. Unlike schools in America where students are taught English, history, science, math and other essentials to prepare our young people to contribute to making the world a better place, Palestinian children are taught that Israel has no right to exist and that the Jews stole their land.  They are taught that there is no higher calling than to shed one’s blood in working toward the goal of eliminating Israel and killing Jews. In fact, this is true not only of the Palestinians but of all dedicated disciples of Islam.  

One ghastly example of the Palestinian education system is that young children are often taught to calculate math by using formulas that teach them to determine at what point they can inflict the greatest harm on Israel and kill the largest number of Jews.  It will take generations to wash such evil out of the Palestinian psyche.  Without a change, future conflicts with Israel will become increasingly violent as generation upon generation will believe that Israel and the Jews must be eliminated.

Back during Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza in 2005, my wife and I lived in Israel for that entire year. In addition, I have visited the Holy Land so many times that I have depleted two passports and am working on a third.  From first-hand knowledge and experience, I can say without hesitation that Israel regards war as a last resort.  Death is appalling to all Israelis and this includes the death of Palestinians. Israel’s passive response to Hamas’s aggression has only served to embolden them to create more acts of terror. I firmly believe that Israel needs to get tough. One of the principal obligations of any state is to provide security to its citizens however the residents of southern Israel have been living as refugees in their own country. Almost daily, Jewish residents living in the south find themselves and their families running to bomb shelters not just in the daytime hours but throughout the night as well. 

To be tough, the choice need not be full scale war but it must be convincing enough to let Hamas leaders know that Israel means business. If radical Islam is to get the message, then the cost of attacking Israel must be seen as extremely high making it more than they are willing to pay.