Muslims Can’t Exist Peacefully Side By Side

Conflict between Jews and Muslims is certainly nothing new.  In the Middle East it has been going on for centuries producing war after war and conflict after conflict.  Death is always the result.  The dead on both sides, both Jews and Muslims, are buried in the ground - the very same ground deeded to the Jews by God Himself in an eternal covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The bodies of the dead, Muslims and Jews alike, ‘rest in peace’ side by side buried in the same ground as their ancestors.  Can Muslims only exist peacefully side by side with Jews in death?

Arabs countries, most of which are Muslim, are rich in so many ways. They have vast amounts of oil reserves and other natural resources and vast amounts of land.  So why are the Muslims of the world so opposed to the Jews having a very small piece of real estate to call their own?  Why are Muslims opposed to the Jews having their own homeland and why does the world not respond in outrage each time the Muslims openly express their desire to kill every Jew on the face of the earth?

In death the body of a Jew and the body of a Muslim could be buried side by side and they would lie there peacefully. Peaceful co-existence is possible in death - why not also in life?   The Israelis are doing everything possible to preserve and protect their homeland and their identity as a Jewish state.  At the same time Israel is constantly extending an olive branch, the symbol of peace, to their Muslim neighbors but instead of embracing the Israeli overture of peace, the Muslims prefer to grab the olive branch and trample it into the ground and then distort the truth and cry foul to the world.

Israel comes under constant pressure from around the world demanding that she live up to every stipulation of every peace agreement while violations by her Muslim neighbors are rarely mentioned.  In addition, the Palestinian side of peace agreements with Israel are almost never fulfilled and never enforced and are rarely ever mentioned by the media. World pressure always seems to be on Israel to give and bend more and more.  For the sake of peace, Israel goes the extra mile and even gives the extra mile – giving away bits and pieces of the precious little land she has – while the Palestinians do nothing but make demands.

If it were left up to Israel, there would already be peace in the Middle East as it relates to Israel.  All Israel asks is that she be allowed to live in her own homeland with defensible borders and that her right to exist as a Jewish state be acknowledged by her Muslim neighbors.

Polls have shown that Arab Muslims who hold Israeli citizenship are quite content.  They enjoy the same rights and privileges as Israeli Jews and are entitled to the same government benefits as Israeli Jews.  However, the same is not true in reverse.  A Jew living in a Muslim country is not given equal status or protection under Islamic law.  Even though Israel should be viewed by the world as the country which has taken the high ground in its quest for peace, they instead come under constant and unfair criticism and condemnation.

I have personally witnessed the equal treatment Israel give to Muslims and specifically to those who call themselves Palestinians.  On more than one occasion I have had the opportunity to visit medical facilities in Israel.  Initially I was shocked upon my first visit to Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem.  There I saw many, many Muslims waiting for medical treatment or waiting for loved ones who were undergoing surgical treatment.  I carefully observed the way the hospital medical staff interacted with the Israelis and the Muslims and, quite frankly, saw absolutely no difference.  Both were treated with respect.  I doubt an Israeli would be given the same type of compassionate or professional treatment if visiting a medical facility in Gaza or the West Bank. In fact, given the stated goal of Muslims to wipe every Jew from off the face of the earth, I doubt the Jew would even come out alive.