Next year in Jerusalem

Those who are proponents of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel do it under the banner of helping promote social justice for those Arabs who have decided to call themselves Palestinians.  Truth be told, ALL, Jew and Arab alike, who are native to the land of Israel are actually “Palestinians” as this term was coined to describe a region and not a nation or a particular people group. There are no Palestinians in the sense of describing a specific nation just as there is no nation made up of “Western North Carolinians.”  But the world has accepted this lie because its been told so many times and everyone knows that what appears in print or is reported on the television must be true!  Let’s pray the reverse is also truth – that truth told often enough becomes recognized and embraced as fact.  That’s the primary goal of the articles appearing in this column.

BDS campaigns first appeared on the scene following Israel’s 1948 War of Independence.  On the very day Israel was reborn as a nation, this tiny, fledgling country, with no organized military and very few weapons and munitions, was attacked from every side by her Arab neighbors.  Viewed through the lens of human reasoning, an Arab victory was certain.  Before even taking its first breath, the plan was for baby Israel to die.  To everyone’s surprise, Israel crushed the invasion.  Israel proved such a formidable force of resistance that the Arab ran to the U.N. begging them to stop Israel. 

Since war did not destroy the Jews, the Arabs devised a plan to starve them out.  It started as a boycott and, while loosely organized at first, the BDS campaign took shape over the years and spread beyond the Middle East.  The Arab League, a group of Arab countries formed to promote economic health and political unity in the region, is credited with giving traction to the boycott movement.

The modern BDS movement is fueled by those Arabs calling themselves Palestinians and is supported by the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups and, through a very effective propaganda machine, has spread around the world and even infiltrated certain denominations within the Christian community. It’s grown from a boycott of Israeli goods to now include a shunning of Israel’s culture, sports, academic institutions, as well as any services provided by Israel.  As excellent as the Palestinians are at forming and promoting their anti-Israel campaigns, Israel is extremely poor at handling their own public relations.  “Tooting your own horn” is viewed by Israelis as culturally shameful.  This must change.  If the world only knew of the many Israeli products and technological advances used in our cars, homes, hospitals, and businesses, all who engage in BDS would have to return to living cave-man style or admit that they are hypocrite.  

BDS is not a peaceful campaign.  Its leadership legitimizes terrorism and the murder of Jews as ‘legitimate resistance’ claiming Israel is illegally occupying land that belongs to the Palestinians – even though there is not, and has never been, a Palestinian nation. History reveals that the entire land of Israel rightfully belongs to the Jewish people. The Holy Scriptures and modern archeology support this fact.  

Nevertheless, Israel has always had enemies wanting to destroy and wipe the nation from off the face of the earth. BDS is just one of the newer foes that have risen for that purpose, but it will not succeed.  When Jews the world over gather together outside of Israel for weddings or other celebrations, upon departure they always declare to one another, “Next year in Jerusalem!”