Non-embryonic stem cell research continues to advance

Pro-abortion forces and supporters of human embryonic stem cell research continue to be caught in a time warp. Even though politicians continue to seek taxpayer funding for the immoral destruction of human embryonic stem cells in research, such research has had no success in curing diseases.

California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger even persauded his state legislation to spend $3 billion of taxpayer funding to waste on such research. Ironically, such bloated and wasteful spending has caused California to have the worst bond rating in the nation and is now on the brink of bankruptcy with California taxpayers fleeing the state for Arizona, Nevada and other states.

Yet, there are alternatives to killing human embryonic stem cells in research to cure diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Hodgkins disease, and that is adult stem cell research and other stem cell alternatives. Indeed, on Monday the "Washington Post" reported that "Scientists have developed what appears to be a safer way to create a promising alternative to embryonic stem cells, boosting hopes that such cells could sidestep the moral and political quagmire that has hindered the development of a new generation of cures.
"The researchers produced the cells by using strands of genetic material, instead of potentially dangerous genetically engineered viruses, to coax skin cells into a state that appears biologically identical to embryonic stem cells."

It is beyond comprehension that pro-abortion politicians are so wedded to their fringe groups that they cannot fund research which has been highly successful in healing diseases. Instead, they continue to advocate using public federal and state funds for embryonic stem cell research opposed by tens of millions of Americans.

"The Washington Post" reported that Andras Nagy of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada, who helped lead the international team of researchers that described the work in two papers published online on Monday by the journal "Nature": "It's a leap forward in the safe application of these cells. We expect this to have a massive impact on this field."

Also reported in "The Washington Post" was the fact that "alternative cells, known as induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPS cells, appear to have many of the same characteristics as embryonic stem cells but are produced by activating genes in adult cells to 'reprogram' them into a more primitive state, bypassing the moral, political and ethical issues surrounding embryonic cells. Until now, however, their use has been limited because the genetic manipulation required the use of viruses, raising concerns the cells could cause cancer if placed in a patient. That has triggered a race to develop alternative approaches."

With such successes in adult stem cell research and other stem cell alternatives -- and with zero successes in human embryonic stem cell research which has wasted countless billions of tax dollars thus far -- the question is will commonsense be used by members of the United States Congress and state legislatures as they debate medical research using stem cells. Americans are hoping they do just that.



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