Radicals struggling to rewrite history

America has always stood with Israel because of our shared Judeo-Christian values and traditions. But now we have members in the U.S. Congress who want to change this relationship just as they want to change the very fabric and foundation of our heritage, faith and culture as shaped and handed down by America’s founding fathers. 

Radical Islam and radical liberals, or progressives as they often prefer to be called, are attempting to rewrite history of both the United States and Israel in order to further their political or religious agendas. In every generation there are moments in time when we are called upon to stand up for the truth.  We may be alive today for “such a time as this.”

A battle is being waged between those who want to delegitimize and destroy the State of Israel and those who see the modern state as being birthed by the hand of God.  It’s an age-old battle but now is our opportunity to stand up and be heard.  

Israel is timeless. It’s the only land in the world assigned by God Himself to a particular people - the Jews. Though exiled from the land of Judea and Samaria for more than two thousand years, they have returned, and are continuing to return, to this very day.  During their exile, four world empires conquered the land but only the Jews have been able to revive it and make the desserts bloom. 

Repossessing the land did not come easy for the Jews.  It was through much blood, sweat, tears and hard sacrifices that Israel was re-birthed as the nation-state of the Jewish people.  Israel, the land often referred to as Judea and Samaria, belongs to the Jewish people biblically, historically, legally and morally.  It’s a nation comprised of people who value life, ALL life, and who conduct themselves honorably unlike her hate-filled neighbors and detractors who have rewritten history to suit their anti-Israel agendas.

Israel’s ethics and morality were given to the Jews by The Creator Himself.  We owe the Jews a debt of gratitude for carefully recording and preserving God’s Word and passing it down from generation to generation.  America’s founding fathers, while not all Christian, knew God’s Word and from it drew the wisdom and knowledge to form the institutions upon which our Republic was established, shaped and is governed to this day.  But, like Israel, we are under attack.  Israel’s Arab and Muslim neighbors are not interested in peace.  They have declared jihad, or holy war, against Israel and the West.  There are two types of jihad; overt jihad which is outright terrorism and stealth jihad which is, in essence, conquering from within. In the United States stealth jihad is taking place.  It is happening, in part, through the secularization of our nation which goes hand in hand with our declining moral values. 

The liberal left has been working at tearing away those values which, at one time, united us as a strong and moral nation.  We had faith in God, and we prayed in schools and at other public gatherings.  We held fast to the sanctity of life and placed high value on family and marriage.  There was discipline in our schools which actually produced students who were capable of thinking, analyzing and drawing logical conclusions and there was respect for parents and authority. Now God and the Bible are largely banned from schools. Praying publicly in the name of Jesus is close to being a criminal offense. Family, marriage and newborn babies are considered by many today as completely disposable. The very threads which once knitted us strongly together are being systematically unraveled and severed by the liberal left.  Public schools are teaching our children from a liberal perspective. Instead of learning they are being taught what to think and how to think by left leaning academics who are themselves being used by those who are patiently and quietly promoting the Islamic agenda from within.  This makes our young people easy prey for those promoting Islamic and Socialist ideologies. By the time our students become of voting age, the die will have been cast.