Snake in the Grass

Danger comes in many forms and it’s what we fail to see or detect that can harm us the most.  I’m not talking about terrorism but rather about silver-tongued deception.

Some are attempting to capitalize on the division that exists in America today between blacks, whites, and others.  Hatred and violence are fomented by evil design to stir up political unrest. If enough seeds of discord are scattered and take root, minority voters become easy prey for the liberal, leftist agenda.  We must take note of those who are sowing such seeds and carefully warn others not to be deceived.

Louis Farrakhan, known as the leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), is one such figure.  Formed in 1930 for the purpose of targeting African Americans in what was a majority Caucasian society, the NOI is hard at work today under Farrakhan’s leadership stirring up hatred against whites and Jews. Clothed in a form of religion, the organization has great appeal to its target audience.

Farrakhan emerged in 1977 as a masterful orator. He became widely recognized for his outspoken vitriol against white society and his extremist views are unchanged today.  Often he refers to whites as the devil and blacks as the chosen race of Allah refuting that the Jews are God’s chosen people. While his fiery speeches draw many followers, his messages are not meant to unify but rather divide.

Farrakhan’s hatred is not limited to whites.  He also rails against Jews and against Israel. Recently he delivered a speech at his annual Saviors’ Day 2018 Address which was peppered with anti-Semitic statements. He blames the Jews for whatever comes out of Hollywood and claims Israel is an imperialist country wreaking havoc on the Palestinians.  Of course he has no facts to support his slanderous claims yet his message hits a home run with his audiences. Referring to the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians as a master–slave type of relationship, he masterfully takes command of his audience enticing them to buy into his false narrative.  By making this correlation, his audience responds in sympathetic and predictable fashion.

Louis Farrakhan is a snake in the grass and he has friends and associates in high places. He’s been seen with members of Congress and reportedly with the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Furthermore, he is no stranger to former President Barak Obama or the Congressional Black Caucus. Practiced in the art of persuasive double-speak and confusion, Farrakhan is a dangerous man not in and of himself but because he has influence.   

Fox news reported on “links with seven members of the Congressional Black Caucus” and Tamika Mallory, co-president of the Women’s March. The seven members were named, and several have since condemned Farrakhan’s vile racist and bigoted views but some of the same members who denounced Farrakhan’s bigotry also praised him as a person.  Any elected official who would associate with a man who calls Jews “satanic” and publicly praises Hitler as a “very great man” should be forced to resign from office.

While everyone should denounce such incendiary acrimony coming from Farrakhan and the NOI, there are others like him living in Israel’s neighborhood. They can be just as outrageously deceitful, turning truth into a lie and a lie into a truth, and show a face that speaks of a separatist attitude challenging everyone they consider enemies.