A sneak peak at Liberaltopia

Have you ever really thought about what a Liberal Utopia would look like?  Meaning, the way things would look if every impulse liberals ever had about how to order society was suddenly a reality.

Let’s call it “Liberaltopia”.

Income taxes would be unheard of, as nobody would pay them, except the few productive members of society who would happily work and pay their “fair share” of the excessive taxes that would fund Liberaltopia for everyone else.

The fiscal policies would be totally reckless, resulting in tremendous annual deficits despite (or because of) the draconian tax rates, so it would be forced to borrow from more productive countries.  (Sound familiar?)

401-K’s and Roth IRA’s wouldn’t exist.  In fact, saving money would be taxed, since it would represent a selfish hording of wealth.  Businesses and people with money would not be allowed to move to places with lower tax burdens or less regulations, or at least would not be allowed to take their assets with them if they do.

Everyone would be a vegetarian, so the threat of impending ecological doom due to bovine flatulence would be a distant memory.  It goes without saying that hunting would be illegal, given that it would violate the “right to life” of animals.

Legal “late term” abortions would devolve into “post birth” abortions, giving the mother (and eventually the state) the “right” to decide whether or not the “fetus” can officially be deemed a child and granted constitutional rights.  This period of “post-birth reflection” gradually grows, giving time to detect any undesirable or inconvenient traits.  Kermit Gosnell was ahead of his time.

Infanticide would be mirrored on the other end of life by the euthanasia of the sick and the elderly, (aka the undesirables, unaffordables or just inconvenient).  It would begin with doctor-assisted suicide, but quickly go down the slippery slope from there once the financial realities of single-payer government run health insurance kick in.

Advertising or using tobacco products would be illegal, but buying it and paying the high “sin taxes” to support government health “education” programs would be mandatory.  Of course smoking marijuana would be fine.

There probably wouldn’t be any 7-11’s, because (in addition to cigarettes) Big Gulps and Twinkies would be illegal.  In fact, being overweight would be punished via a “fat tax”, (affectionately nicknamed the “Bloomberg tax”).  Everyone would be fit and trim, and thus healthy enough to enthusiastically engage in any form of hedonism they choose.

Traditional morality wouldn’t be taught, as that would violate someone's sensibilities and make them feel judged, which would be a crime.  Enforcing political correctness however would be mandatory, (which really just means that expressing disapproval of liberalism would be illegal).  The result is an amoral society that has to defend itself by mandating that everyone is unarmed, so only the government would have guns.  Criminals of course wouldn’t comply, so crime rates would skyrocket.

Since marriage would be legally defined as anything two or more people want it to be, Churches, Christian florists and bakers would be sued for “civil rights” violations for not providing services for homosexual “weddings”.  In fact, actually practicing Christianity in your daily life would be an infraction of numerous laws and regulations; which means churches are forced to pay for “health” benefits like abortion coverage and hire employees who don’t practice their faith.

Meanwhile, there would be more gay characters in movies and television, (even if that doesn’t seem possible).

Men would get regular testing for unapproved high levels of testosterone, and take mandatory estrogen therapy as needed, (having their voter registration revoked until the problem is brought under control).

There would be no such thing as “illegal immigrants”, as anyone who claims to be a citizen would be entitled to all government benefits, a voter registration card and a union membership.  Any suggestion of a need for border security would be a hate crime.

Old “mainstream” media would again be the only news source available and would be simulcast across all cable, radio and Internet outlets by government mandate.  Any conservative views that actually were presented would be bracketed by disclaimers explaining how stupid and bigoted conservatives are.

Anyone seeking to criticize the government would first have to file for permission to do so, explaining their beliefs, the contents of their prayers before they go to bed at night and why they don’t like the government.  Donors to conservative causes or candidates would be investigated by the IRS and any other government agency that might make them think twice about getting involved in politics.  (Oh, wait, we already have that…)

All of this would be managed by a constantly growing group of faceless bureaucrats, ensuring that no one is ever actually responsible for anything.

Of course the silver lining to all of this is that it wouldn’t last.  It would either implode from within or be overthrown from without, ending in either greater tyranny or liberty.

The question is why go there to begin with?