Truth is the Enemy of Islam

From cradle to grave Muslims are taught to hate Jews.  It’s instilled in them to believe that peace will come only when every Jew is removed from off the face of the earth but it wasn’t always this way.  

Back when Mohammed was first crafting the religion known today as Islam, he sought validation and acceptance from Jews and also from Christians as he had been rejected by his own tribe.  He believed that by aligning with the other two Abrahamic faiths he would then be embraced by his own people but things did not turn out as he had hoped.  The Jews allowed Mohammed to move into their territory but did not embrace his new religion.  This rejection greatly angered Mohammed thus the Jews became his mortal enemies. Shortly thereafter, Mohammed’s lifestyle became that of a warrior embracing vengeance, violence and terror. So while there are many today who claim that Muslim hatred for Jews started when the State of Israel was re-born in 1948, this is not true. Since the 7th century the religion of Islam has commanded Muslims to hate and kill Jews wherever they may be found.

Mohammed made sure his hatred of Jews was put into his holy book called the Quran.  This “holy book” contains a litany of passages and versus which guide the conduct and attitude of Muslims toward each other and collectively toward all non-Muslims which, of course, includes Jews and Christians. With Islam being called the “religion of peace,” why is there no peace in the Middle East and why has every act of terror been perpetrated by those who embrace Islam? It’s because Islam is a religion full of contradictions of which the Western world understands almost nothing and this is to our detriment.

For example, the concept of peace is not something which is valued by Islam.  According to Islamic teachings, peace is only to be embraced for the purpose of buying time in order to become strong enough to overtake and conquer the enemy. Who is the enemy?  Anyone and any country which does not embrace Islam.

Except for Israel, the free world has not yet realized that Muslims simply do not embrace the same values which the West holds near and dear.  Western media is either ignorant of or afraid to report truthfully on the fundamentals of Islam. The media will readily point out human rights violations in other countries but when it comes to the Muslim world the media repeatedly fail to mention that Islam discriminates and persecutes minorities, that Sharia law is barbaric, harsh and oppressive especially toward women, and that jihad, or holy war, is the absolute duty of EVERY Muslim.  

Under Sharia law, it is considered a crime punishable by death to be critical of Islam.  This is why Muslim leaders are not speaking out forcefully against the heinous acts of terror committed by ISIS and others.  If a Muslim leader does speak out against terror (jihad), he is merely trying to deceive in order to eventually gain the upper hand. Islam teaches that lying and deception are acceptable and even considered honorable if it will ultimately benefit the spread of Islam so for a Muslim leader to speak out against terror is really only a tactic of war which will further the Islamic agenda. 

Israel’s leaders have warned the world for years that there will never be peace with the Palestinians because the Palestinians are not true partners for peace. Islam actually prohibits Muslims from having peace with non-Muslims or from entering into any peace agreements unless, as already mentioned, it is to buy time to gain strength and overtake the infidel. Muslims prey on weakness and for this reason Israel must remain strong and uncompromising.  To the Western world, the word “uncompromising” sounds like a lack of diplomacy. However, in Arabic, the word “compromise” equates to weakness – something which Israel cannot afford. 

Truth is the only effective tool against the dangerous ideology of Islam but to use it we must know it. Islamic leaders know that Israel is a force with which they must contend because Israel knows the truth and therefore knows her enemies.