What’s NOT in Your Wallet?

What’s NOT in your wallet? Perhaps the few extra dollars Uncle Sam has taken from you and gave to the Palestinian Authority (PA) with virtually no accountability and no expectations. Its over $600 million dollars from your wallet to theirs amid continued acts of terror and violence perpetrated against our friend an ally Israel.

But wait, there’s more.  A July 11th article published by CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), stated that Palestinian Finance Minister Nabil Kassis announced that the PA could not afford to pay its employees and that the PA is in the worst financial crisis in three years. This year, 2012, the Palestinians expect a budget deficit of about $1.1 billion. Despite billions being pumped into the Gaza wasteland, the majority of Palestinians remain in poverty.

Where does all this money go? One example is Suha Tawil, who, at 28 years of age, married former Palestinian leader and terrorist Yasser Arafat, then 62, in 1990. She moved to France, where she lived in France on $100,000 a month. After Arafat died, she demanded $22 million from the PA--this is besides the $4 billion plus that Arafat had amassed before his death. Suha Arafa is now a jet set queen traveling between homes in France and Malta--all funded by the corrupt Palestinian regime which derives much of its income as the recipient of what’s NOT in your wallet.

How is this possible?  Corruption is the obvious answer and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Suha Arafat has been under investigation by French authorities for money laundering and also under investigation in Tunsia where a warrant was issued last October in connection with a corruption investigation.

The American people need to get control of their wallets by demanding accountability. If the Palestinians want their own state, they need to be self-supporting developing their own industry and commerce. They need to attract business and clean up the corruption within their own government. They need to stop praising and rewarding the deeds of homicide bombers and start rewarding those who strive to make an honest living.  Life for the Palestinians would be far more rewarding if they replaced their guns, bombs and rockets with tools, farm machinery and technology. 

Instead, the Palestinians have an entitlement attitude and they view the world as their cash cow. Before America sends even one more dollar to the PA, a detailed and verifiable accounting of exactly how our money is being used must be demanded.  If America’s leadership refuses to hold the Palestinians accountable then it’s time we had new leadership. 

The Palestinians need only to follow the example of their neighbor Israel in growing their economy and elevating the standard of living for their people. Tiny Israel contributes so much to the betterment of mankind. With all of the financial assistance the PA receives annually from countries around the world, why should we expect or accept less from the Palestinians?