White House and congressional tax-funded boondoggles

Barack Obama and his congressional leaders did everything they could to persuade Americans that "time was of the essence" in passing the country's largest spending bill in American history. And they were actually able to twist enough arms -- the Republicans say deceive -- enough members of Congress to pass this bill and get it to the president's desk for his signature less than a month after Obama assumed office.

Yet, with all this haste and dire warnings about the urgency to get this bill passed, the bill sat on Obama's desk for 4 days after the Congress sent it to him. Just as bad, Obama actually took both Air Force One 747 jumbo jets to Denver to sign the bill in a key battleground state at a cost of $40,000 per hour per plane. Then after signing the bill, Obama jetted off to Arizona to do some more politicking.

On the other hand, Speaker Nancy Pelosi used taxpayers' hard-earned money for her own boondoggle. In Pelosi's case she broke her promise to Republicans that they would have 48 hours to read the 1,000 page plus bill. Instead, members of the House of Representatives had only a few hours overnight to "read" the bill. Of course, not one member out of 535 members of Congress even read the bill before they voted on Obama's gargantuan pork-filled non-stimulus bill.

The reason Pelosi was in such a rush to get the bill passed was that she had to jet off to Paris and Rome, etc. Friday evening on the taxpayers' dime (or millions as the case may be) to do some "congressional business" in Europe. Former speaker Newt Gingrich never had a personal private jet, as Pelosi has, to fly him home, paid for by the American taxpayers. These are the same Democrats who castigated the auto company executives and other corporation chieftans for flying around in their private corporate jets.

Shortly after Obama was sworn in as president, he jetted off to Williamsburg, Virginia, some 45 minutes away from Washington D.C. to speak to the congressional Democrat caucus at a luxurious health spa resort. He thanked his fellow Democrats for giving him an excuse to fly on Air Force One for the first time as president. Obama could just as well have taken the far less expensive Marine One at a fraction of the cost of flying Air Force One.

Incidentally, the Congressional Institute, which has 54 patrons, i.e. corporations, which pay $25,000 per year to the Congressional Institute, and which stand to gain millions, billions of dollars maybe, from the Democrats' stimulus bill, paid for much of the Democrats' expenses at the Williamsburg luxury resort.

Mr. President, considering the urgency (according to you) of getting your stimulus bill passed, would it not have made more sense to sign the bill last Friday evening in the Rose Garden instead of Tuesday in Colorado saving taxpayers multi-millions of dollars in travel expenses? Undoubtedly, most Americans think so.

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