Why Does The World Hate the Jews?

Why do so many people in the world hate the Jews? Why is there so much anti-Semitism in the world? Why do so many nations seem to despise Israel? What is the cause of all this negative prejudice? What is the root of all this deep-seated hatred?

I think the answer is plain and clear. The answer is God.

The root cause of the hatred of the Jews and the animosity toward Israel is none other than hatred for God Himself. I mean the One and only true God, who happens to be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - the God of Israel. The hatred of the peoples of the world for Israel is, in truth, simply a symptom of their deeper hatred of our Holy and righteous God. These are people who rebel against being accountable to our Holy God, and who rebel against living by His righteous values and standards presented to us in the Torah and the Bible.

Ann Coulter, an American nationally syndicated columnist, authored a remarkably insightful book titled, "Godless." Coulter stressed that what we call the "liberal bias" in our culture is nothing other than an anti-God bias. The entire book serves to emphasize and verify that liberal biases in the American media, in politics, in education, in entertainment, and in religion, all can be traced to roots of an anti-God ideology and philosophy.

Think of how the media handles the news of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Since the Jews are "God's chosen people," there is no way that the liberal media will treat them fairly. Every news story starts with a lead telling how the Israelis attacked and killed so many Palestinian Arabs, projecting Israel as the villain and the aggressor at the outset. Then, down in the fourth or fifth paragraph, the article will relate how the Arabs initiated the exchange, killing so many Jewish people, and that the Jewish people simply retaliated. The biased media always try to project the Arabs as innocent victims rather than as the instigators.

In politics, the liberals reflect their anti-God bias with their unfailing support for abortions, homosexual "rights" and same-sex marriages, all totally opposed to the clear teachings of God's Word. In education, the anti-God liberals have succeeded in expelling God from public schools, along with the Ten Commandments, the entire Bible, and prayer. They are force feeding the minds of our children with the Godless theory of evolution which teaches that the Bible is a myth and a lie and that God is not the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.

God does not promise in His Word that there will be any abatement of this anti-God hatred of the Jews and Israel in the near future. It may even get worse. The Tanakh prophets tell us that in the end times a coalition of armies, led by Russia and Iran (Persia), will array themselves for battle with the intent to annihilate Israel. Today's events indicate that this battle may be imminent but the God of Israel will destroy these enemy armies before they can do any damage. Later an even larger coalition of armies will descend on Israel again with the intent to destroy God's chosen people and this coalition will be under the leadership of one called the Anti-Christ, or the False Messiah. This time the True Messiah will come on the scene and destroy those armies.

Things will then finally be better for the Jewish people and Israel, as well as for all true Christian believers. The prophets tell us that the True Messiah will rule and reign in righteousness and peace over a world-wide kingdom for a thousand years and His capital will be in Jerusalem.