Will God Handle the Present-day Persian Haman?

Iran's current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has boldly and loudly proclaimed to Israel and to all the world that he thinks the Jewish people are children of pigs, that they are a cancer on the world that needs to be removed, and that their Jewish nation of Israel must be "wiped off the face of the map." It sounds more than a little like the book of Esther is being re-written and the hateful Persian danger has risen again. It so happens that, very much like the hateful Persian leader Haman 2500 years ago, another hateful Persian leader has arisen today who is again threatening to destroy the Jewish people.  Although the name of God is not mentioned in the pages of the book of Esther, the mind and hand of God are there - unmistakably clear.

We all know the old story well. God knew what was happening then with the Persian Haman's evil designs so He raised up Mordecai and Esther to be His instruments to frustrate Haman's plans, to save the lives of all the Jewish people, and to prevent the wicked Persian from wiping all the Jews off the face of the earth. Since today's situation with Iran, the present-day Persia, is so similar, we have to raise the question, what will the God of Israel do this time to overcome the evil designs of the present-day Persian leader? How will God work this time to deliver the Jewish people and the State of Israel from destruction? Whom will the God of Israel raise up in this day to fill the heroic roles of Mordecai and Esther?

Since Haman was hanged on his own gallows, which he had built to destroy Jewish lives, and Ahmadinejad is threatening to destroy the Jews with nuclear power, will God again destroy the present-day evil Persian leader with his own weaponry - nuclear power? Of course, none of us knows exactly what God will do to resolve this current existential threat to the Jewish people and Israel, but we can be assured that He will take care of the problem in His own way. He has promised, through the prophets, that after the Jewish people have been regathered to their ancient homeland, and after the nation of Israel has been re-born, that He will never permit the Jewish nation and people to be destroyed or even scattered again. So we can be assured that Iran's Ahmadinejad, the present-day evil Haman, will be no more successful than was his ancient historical evil counterpart. It will be interesting and probably exciting to stay tuned and see how the God of Israel will handle the present-day situation.