The World Is Blind Concerning Israel’s Plight

How can the entire world seemingly ignore the realities of the conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbors — including the very real threats to Israel’s existence from radical Islam? Is it just blindness, or is it something much deeper? Have world leaders not learned any lessons from past history? Can they not recognize evil when they see it? Will they not acknowledge the contamination of anti-Semitism in their own minds?

The United Nations, the European Union, and the United States all belong to this blind and biased camp. All of them are pressuring the Jewish people and the nation of Israel to give away their battle-won lands to Arabs for virtually nothing but trouble in return. They have failed to learn the historical lesson that appeasement never eliminates hatred and animosity. They are completely ignoring the obvious reality that the Palestinian Arabs are totally undeserving of an independent state and grossly unprepared to operate, manage and govern one.

Many have drawn attention lately to the eerie parallels between today’s situation in the Middle East and the appeasement of German dictator Adolf Hitler by English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain before World War II. Chamberlain refused to acknowledge that Hitler was a cruel demagogue bent on subduing and controlling all of Europe. He did not believe what Hitler wrote in his book, Mein Kampf, about how he planned to conquer Europe. Instead, Chamberlain considered Hitler to be a good man with whom he could negotiate peace and good relations. So Hitler proceeded to mercilessly bomb England almost into submission, besides murdering 6 million Jews and several million other Europeans. Clearly, appeasement did not bring peace. It simply encouraged more violence and bloodshed.

Nonetheless, the UN, EU and US are ignoring those important history lessons. In like manner to Chamberlain, they are turning deaf ears to the long-time and oft-repeated inflammatory declarations of Israel’s neighboring Palestinians and other Arabs, whose clear goal is the annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel. They are deliberately dismissing the historical truth that the Arabs have inflicted five wars on Israel with the unmistakable intent of destroying her. And one questions whether they are taking seriously the recent threats from Iran’s leadership “to wipe Israel off the face of the map.” They want to think, like Chamberlain, that they can appease hateful Muslims into becoming kind and peaceful friends. But didn’t Hitler prove otherwise?

Back to pressure from the Palestinians for the granting of their own state: The Fatah and Hamas factions are virtually at war with each other. The Palestinian Authority government is a corrupt and non-viable farce. And the Palestinian economy is in shambles. The Palestinians’ opportunity for independence and democracy in Gaza has been nothing short of a catastrophe, and this now “Jew-free” territory is nothing more than a base for terrorism. Moreover, don’t forget all the promises they have made in five peace agreements which they have made no efforts to fulfill.

How can the UN, EU and US continue to blindly ignore the blatant incompetence, corruption and violence of the Palestinians? On what basis do they conclude that this chaotic and destructive population deserves its own independent state — especially on land that does not rightfully belong to it? It’s a kind of mass insanity!

The American philosopher George Santayana (1863-1953) once said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The lessons of history are supposed to help us avoid the failures and tragedies of the past. However, for whatever reason, world leaders today are drawing the wrong conclusions from history. Their attitudes and actions are causing great concern for Israel, as well as for the whole world. For the danger does not stop with the existential threat to Israel.

Radical Arab Muslim leaders have clearly declared that their objective is to control and subjugate the whole world. Yet, it seems that the “wisdom” of the West today is to not take seriously the worldwide threats of the radical Muslim world. Most international leaders do not want to admit that any serious threat even exists. Apparently, they have no taste for confrontation. And, in their blindness, they seem to have no concerns about allowing the state of Israel to become a “sacrificial lamb” should a policy of appeasement fail once again.