Featured Legislator: Senator Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham speaks to the Christian Coalition on the need for maintaining a strong national defense as we look for ways to more efficiently manage our national military budget.

History Curriculum Backed by CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood

In December, I reported on the move by the federal government to replace traditional curriculum with government information documents. This is part of the trend towards the centralization of education, which has resulted in parents and teachers having less impact on what goes on in the classroom while the federal government’s control is expanded. One of the main concerns regarding the government information documents is the high potential for a politicized curriculum.

Add to that the revisionist history being taught in some classrooms, along with the the promotion of one religion over another.

An example of this can be found in the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum collaborative (TESCCC) and its company, CSCOPE, a major producer of curriculum used in the Texas education system.  A report shows that CSCOPE has portrayed participants in the Boston Tea Party as terrorists and is also accused of having developed an anti-Christian, pro-Islam curriculum.

And, though by law the curriculum is supposed to be accessible to parents, according to the Texas CSCOPE Review:

Sarah Palin Deserves To Deliver Game Changer Speech At GOP Convention

Bisecular Barack

I finally get it. He walks like a Muslim and talks like a Christian. Barack is bisecular. That's what you are when you say you believe in everything but adhere to the tenets of nothing. There's no strong convictions either way. Barack just does what's necessary to survive - politically and authoritatively. How nice.

Don't believe me? Then you probably voted Democrat in the last presidential election. But that's okay - we all make mistakes.


Christian Youths Standing Up For Jesus In Public Schools

Today's Christian families face many challenges in this world today. This country once believed in the motto: 'In God We Trust.' Our forefathers believed in this. The Constitution was based on scriptures taken out of the Bible. But, we now live in times where Christians are becoming less and less accepted. We are often placed in situations where we are compelled to stand up for our religious beliefs.

Imagine then what it is like for the Christian youth, to attend a public school. Many Christian young people are ridiculed by their peers. They are told they cannot pray in school. They cannot carry a bible. And they no longer are priviledged to have a 'moment of silence' in which they can meditate, pray, and reflect on how God is good to them. Day in and day out they are laughed at, scoffed at, frowned upon, and even rejected by their peers.This makes it difficult for the Cristian youth to stand up for his or her beliefs. But, it has to be done.

We live in a day and age where issues like abortion and homosexuality are becoming more and more widely accepted. This past week, just like last year, my teenage daughter found out what it is like firsthand, to be put down, frowned upon, and even rejected by her peers. She is experiencing this because she does not support the National Day of Silence.

Christian Coalition voters in New Jersey

Dear Christian Coalition voters in New Jersey:

     My name is Scott Collins. My wife Ruth and I moved into Bergen County, New Jersey in 2010. Ruth is a regulatory affairs specialist with a pharmaceutical company and I am a full time volunteer. I am currently gathering signatures to get Newt Gingrich on the ballot for June primary in the state. I am willing to travel anywhere in the state to gather signatures for Newt. I can only register Republican or Independent voters, unless, the democratic voters are willing to fill out a change of party form. I am not asking anyone to vote for Newt, just for the voters to have him as choice on the June ballot. My phone number is 201-575-1203. Thank you and let us defeat Obama in the fall!


Scott Collins

Has Anyone Seen My America?


What happened to my America, was it all just a lucid dream? Have you seen your America lately? Yeah in my America the hero always got the girl in the end, but guess what? That worked for me, I liked it. The Russians were the bad guys, evil plots imploded on evil men, and I could say, “That movie was queer.” without invoking the PC riot police.

In my version of America we were strong, we were the modern day gladiators fighting for liberty. Justice was receiving what you deserved for the deed you did, not getting what you were owed complements of some selective plight or situation or media induced social cause. People didn't have such difficulty deciphering right from wrong. I believed the President was elected by the people, not just the people with the most money or the most nefarious agenda.

And finally people didn't mess with my America, because we would always prevail in anything we stood against. We were the tough guys with the big stick and using that big stick kept the peace.

Will You Take the "Pray and Vote" Pledge?


Will you help us build an army of conservative voter education activists for the 2012 elections?

One year from now, Americans will be going to the polls to cast ballots in the most important election of our lifetime.

And the outcome depends on what pro-family conservatives do between now and then.

Everything is up for grabs…

  • Supreme Court appointments
  • Important pro-life legislation
  • Overturning ObamaCare
  • Reforming our tax code
  • Reducing our national debt


And that’s just for starters.

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Only Government Approved Thoughts and Speech Allowed-Or Else! Guest Jerry Newcombe Comes Forth

Who would think one could be fined or even jailed simply from speaking?  No, this has nothing to do with the old laws against profanity. This is punishment for simply speaking an opinion about something, or someone, or a lifestyle with speech that is not considered, “Politically Correct.”  That term, by the way,  was coined and introduced by Adolph Hitler as he set out to subdue all people and control their lives. Thought control is an important element in raising a dictator and keeping him in power.

If an ethnic person attacks you and intends to kill you, and in the process of defending yourself, you call out something to do with his ethnic background, YOU will be the one arrested and jailed. Not the perpetrator who enjoys full protection from the government.  Because you thought negative about that person, possibly because of a past experience,  it becomes a ‘hate’ crime, that can be properly identified as, “Criminally Thinking.”

No, Democrats: Tea Party is not at fault; most Americans want low-tax limited government too

The concerted attack on the Tea Party during the past couple of weeks  --  by not only the Democrat leaders, but by their like-minded friends in the news media  --  is astounding.  Prior to the debt ceiling legislation being signed into law by Barack Obama last week, the coordinated attack campaign against the Tea Party included using the talking points from the political hacks at the Democrats' national headquarters.  The main talking point was that the Tea Party activists were terrorists.  They whined that the Tea Party was also holding the country hostage, and on and on. 
Even the vice president of the United States was quoted by several sources saying that he agreed with a Democrat member of Congress who called the Tea Party terrorists.  In the same Democrat caucus meeting, according to "Politico" on August 1, 2011, Joe Biden said that the debt ceiling deal  --  finally agreed to by the Republican congressional leadership  --  would take away the Tea Party's "weapon of mass destruction," the threat of default on U.S. debt obligation.

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