April 16, 2010

National Day of Prayer Ruled "Unconstitutional"

Here we go again... In what would surely be a surprise to the Founding Fathers who gave us our Constitution, a federal judge in Wisconsin has ruled that the National Day of Prayer is "unconstitutional".

Officially, the day has been recognized by the federal government since 1952 when it was established by Congress. And each year, on the 1st Thursday in May, Presidents have issued a National Day of Prayer proclamation encouraging Americans to pray. So how did we end up with this court ruling? The usual; more atheists. In this case, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, complaining that it violates the separation of church and state... (READ MORE)


Speculation and Fallout on President Obama's Supreme Court Pick

Now that Justice Stevens has made it official that he will be resigning at the end of the current term, Barack Obama gets his second opportunity to make a lifetime appointment to the US Supreme Court. And the speculation is as rampant as the implications are huge.

Most of the early suggestions seem to point to Obama going back to his "short list" from his pick last year, which resulted in Sotomayor's nomination. The high profile names on that list are Solicitor General Elen Kagan and Court of Appeals judge Diane Wood.

Of course the timing couldn't be worse for Senate Democrats... (READ MORE)



Republicans Need to Hold Firm on Stevens' Replacement

The president will have another opportunity to fill a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, the leader of the left-wing bloc on the court, announced his retirement last week. The balance of the court will not be changed since there still will be four commited liberals and four commited conservatives and a swing vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy. As an aside, it is interesting to note that far too frequently, a number of Republican nominees, who are touted as conservatives at the time of their nomination, ultimately turn out to be liberals, as in the case with David Souter, Earl Warren and John Paul Stevens.

The liberal Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Patrick Leahy, is already spinning on national television and warning the Republicans not to filibuster Obama's nominee. He was quoted on NBC's "Meet the Press" last Sunday, with regards to a possible Republican filibuster: "That's actually the lazy person's way out. The American people pay us and elect us to vote yes or no, not to vote maybe. Every time you have a filibuster, you're saying 'I'm not going to vote yes or no; I'm going to vote maybe.' That's irresponsible."

This statement is from a Senator who, for a good part of a year, filibustered Miguel Estrada, a highly qualified U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals nominee of President George W. Bush... (READ MORE)


Members of Congress to Lose Insurance Due to ObamaCare?

In what is probably one of the funniest and most deliciously ironic side-effects of ObamaCare, the New York Times reports that, buried deep in the 2,700 plus pages of the bill, there is language that would appear to kick members of Congress off of their current government insurance plans and put them into the new "exchanges" that the bill created.

The problem? Well, the exchanges don't exist... but the bill is now the law of the land... (READ MORE)


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