April 24, 2015

Christians are being targeted

The global swell of radical Islamic terrorism led by the Islamic State (ISIL) has ushered in an exceptionally dangerous era for religious minorities, particularly Christians. On Sunday, a video surfaced depicting the execution of dozens of Ethiopian Christians in Libya, a country that has descended into terrorism-fueled chaos in recent years. This atrocity is only the latest in a string of mass-killings of Christians targeted because of their faith... (READ MORE)


House Majority Leader McCarthy: 100 Days Analytics

The House finished its first 100 days last week, and we’ve gotten a lot done. The House has passed dozens of bills to increase tax freedom, move closer to North American Energy independence, grow small businesses, fight human trafficking, support our veterans, and so much more.

A recent report by the Bipartisan Policy Center found that, “The first three months of the 114th Congress showed a burst of energy, with Congressional committees reporting bills in higher numbers than during recent Congresses.”

Under Republican leadership in the House and Senate, things are different in Washington, and there’s data to prove it... (READ MORE)


Backing TPA, Editorial Boards Stress Opportunity for New Jobs & Stronger Economic Growth

There is plenty we could say about the huge benefits of opening more markets to U.S. goods by expediting new trade agreements through Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), but a whole slew of recent editorials has already beat us to it.  Here’s what they have to say about TPA, and why Democrats in Congress should quit standing in the way... (READ MORE)


Cybersecurity for the 21st Century

For years, we’ve known that so much of our digital world is unsecure and new policies are needed to help defend against cyberattacks. Hacks of Anthem, Sony Pictures, and Target are only the most recent and high profile examples of this growing threat.

There have been calls for action on cybersecurity across the country... (READ MORE)


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