February 11, 2011

Yet Another Planned Parenthood Video Scandal

Just as Congress is beginning to consider several pieces of legislation that (taken together) would end taxpayer subsidization of abortion, there is yet another undercover video showing us the real face of Planned Parenthood.

The first bombshell video that surfaced over a week ago showed a Planned Parenthood worker helping an alleged pimpt and underage prostitute find out how to get access to taxpayer funded abortions and other services.

In the latest video, Planned Parenthood worker offers help on how to get Medicaid covered insurance for underage prostitutes and any abortions or other services they may need, (whether or not they are US citizens)... (READ MORE)


Help Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortions!

For years, pro-life Americans have been forced to watch as their tax-dollars subsidize the barbaric practice of abortion.  Whether at government healthcare facilities, in federal health programs, or even direct funding for the abortion industry, our values have been under attack.

But conservative members of Congress are introducing new legislation to put an end to this tragedy and end ALL federal taxpayer funding of abortion - and they need our support!

The three new bills are the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act", the "Protect Life Act" and the "Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act"... (READ MORE)


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Not only does it give you easy access to the Coalition’s updates and action alerts, but if offers you a NO COST opportunity to support your values simply by searching and shopping online.

Each year, more Americans decide to avoid the rush at the malls and do much of their Christmas shopping online.  Our new toolbar offers you a 100% free way to support our ongoing voter education efforts while you shop... (READ MORE)


Cleopatra Must Be Smiling

Egypt's Cleopatra might be smiling at Mubarak's troubles as she remembered her own while ruling that ancient country.  She was still a teenager when ascending the throne.

To rule she needed to marry her brother - and she did.  He was able to dethrone her.

When Julius Caesar, the ruler of Rome, visited Egypt, Cleopatra introduced herself by being rolled from a carpet at his feet. Impressed by her audacity and charmed by her beauty, she won his affection.

Caesar drove her brother Ptolemy from power and re-installed Cleopatra as head of state.  She bore Caesar a son, Caesarion. Cleopatra hoped her son would one day become the ruler of Rome.  When Caesar returned to Rome he reconciled with his wife and appointed his nephew Octavian as his successor. Cleopatra came to Rome hoping to convince Caesar to change his mind, but Julius Caesar was assassinated... (READ MORE)


House Committee OKs Bill to Remove Abortion Funding From Obamacare

A House of Representatives Committee on Friday approved legislation that would remove any potential abortion funding the Obamacare health care web site may allow.

The Protect Life Act, is one of three measures pro-life groups are supporting to remove governmental financial support for the aborton industry. Earlier this week, Republicans and Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on health sparred over the measure, HR 358, sponsored by the subcommittee’s chairman, pro-life Republican Rep. Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania.

Before the final vote on the measure, pro-life Republican lawmakers turned back weakening amendments sponsored by pro-abortion Democrats Henry Waxman, Jan Schkowsky and Elliot Engel... (READ MORE)


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