February 5, 2010

Free speech liberals attack pro-abortion critics of Tebow ad

The $2.5 million 30-second pro-life advertisement to be aired by CBS during this Sunday's Super Bowl, featuring Pam Tebow explaining why she rejected advice to have an abortion and carried her future Heisman Trophy winner son Tim to term, has generated far more publicity than its sponsors, Dr. James Dobson's "Focus on the Family," could have hoped for.

The viciousness of the attacks by pro-abortion groups such as the National Organization for Women (NOW) and left-wing commentators has been astounding. Many of these radical groups have been lobbying CBS to pull the advertisement. For example, according to today's "The Washington Times," the Women's Media Center in a letter to CBS wrote: "The content of this ad endangers women's health, uses sports to divide rather than to unite, and promotes an organization that opposes the equality of Americans based on gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and reproductive freedom."

Without any doubt, part of the venomous attack against Tim Tebow -- who besides winning the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore, helped lead his Florida team to two national championships -- is due to the fact that Tebow is a commited and courageous Christian who painted Bible verses on his face before every game and when his team won the national championship he said that "I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" as his hero, Kurt Warner said after his Super Bowl championship. Public confessions of faith such as these drive many left-wingers absolutely up the wall... (READ MORE)


Obama administration just gets more pro-abortion

The Obama administration, which already was the most pro-abortion one in history, just got more pro-abortion this week. And, incredibly, they are using their favorite government agency, the Department of Defense, to ram down their radical social policies upon the American people. Previously, the Obama Democrats used a must-pass defense bill to attach a so-called "hate crimes" provision, which the majority of the American people overwhelmingly oppose.

Yesterday, the Obama administration announced that the Defense Department will be making the morning-after pill Plan B -- which many pro-lifers (who correctly believe that life begins at conception) call the "abortion pill -- available at all military hospitals and health clinics around the world.

Barack Obama has reversed many of the sensible, and life-giving, policies of the Bush administration since he was inaugurated this past year. Indeed, on Obama's very first day in office, he signed an Executive Order abolishing President Ronald Reagan's "Mexico City Policy" prohibiting international groups -- such as the abominable Planned Parenthood pro-abortion group founded by racist and eugenics supporter Margaret Sanger -- which do abortions or promote abortions, from receiving any American taxpayers' dollars... (READ MORE)


Political Roundup: 2-3-10

Political odds and ends...

US triple-A credit rating at risk?

You've got to wonder how long we can keep going down the fiscal road we're on and still maintain a AAA credit rating, which enables us to sell our bonds at higher rates of interest, and keep financing our big spending ways. Turns out that thought has occurred to the people who hand out those ratings.

Moody's Investor Services, (the bond rating service), has said that the top debt ratings for the United States and the United Kingdom may "Test the AAA boundaries" due to the condition of their public finances.

Terrorists staying at Gitmo?

That's what the number two Democrat in the House of Representatives seems to be saying. House Democrat Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said: "I think the administration realizes that this is a difficult issue,... And I think that they are assessing where they are and where they think we ought to be, and I think that's appropriate and I look forward to discussing it with them."

The brick wall the administration is running up against is that, no matter what they decide they want to do with Gitmo, Congress has to fund it. And Republicans have introduced measures to deny funds to move the terrorists...and to deny funds for conducting trials of terrorists in US courts (as opposed to in military tribunals)... (READ MORE)


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Single payer health care not good enough for Canadian Premier

This story serves as a wonderful example of what conservatives have said about the Democrats favorite notions of how to "fix" health care in America. That being to have the government just take the whole thing over in what is known as a "single payer system"...which means the government pays all the bills.

As conservatives have pointed out, when the government pays all the bills, it eventually moves to control the costs by rationing care. And, with the profit motive gone, advances in medicine and the overall quality of care soon suffer.

During the course of the debate, both sides have held out countries such as Canada and England as representing what was "right" or "wrong" with this approach.

Well now comes this story from CBC News... (READ MORE)


German home schoolers granted amnesty

A US Immigration judge has granted political asylum for a family from Germany due to persecution resulting from their choice to home school their kids.

It seems that the German government has an issue with parents who don't send their children to "state" schools, even going to far as to fine or jail those who do home school. (via the Washington Times...)

The Romeikes home-schooled their children in Germany and received fines totaling $10,000. On one occasion, Mr. Donnelly said, police hauled their children off to school... (READ MORE)


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