March 1, 2008

Federal Judge Sandra L. Lynch, Appointed by Bill Clinton, Advances Radical Homosexual agenda in Massachusetts Kindergarten Classes with Her Majority Opinion on the First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

A left-wing United States Circuit Court of Appeals judge, Sandra L. Lynch, who graduated from Hillary Clinton's college, and was appointed by Bill Clinton to her federal judgeship, agreed with a lower court federal judge's decision which dictated that Massachusetts parents could not prevent discussion about homosexual "families" in their children's elementary schools including in kindergarten classes.

Judge Lynch's appeals panel upheld U.S. Federal Judge Mark L. Wolf's dismissal in 2006 of a lawsuit by Massachusetts parents seeking to prevent discussion of homosexual families in their children's elementary school classrooms. Judge Lynch said: "Public schools are not obliged to shield individual students from ideas which potentially are religiously offensive, particularly when the school imposes no requirement that the student agree with or affirm those ideas, or even participate in discussions about them." Judge Lynch added that "the state constitution mandates the recognition of same-sex marriage." reported that: "....The dispute began in the spring of 2005 when the Parkers' (David and Tonia) then-5-year-old son brought home a book to be shared with his parents titled, "Who's in a Family?" The optional reading material, which came in a "Diversity Book Bag," depicted at least two households led by homosexual partners. The Parkers filed suit against the Lexington school district in 2006 and later were joined by Joseph and Robin Wirthlin, whose second-grader's class was read a story about two princes who become lovers."

In Bob Unruh's column in WorldNetDaily on February 24, 2007, he said that the lawyers for the school district had argued at an earlier motions hearing that: "The state must fight 'discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation' in ways that 'do not perpetuate stereotypes.... They also explained to the judge that, in their opinion, parents have no right to control what ideas the school presents to elementary schoolchildren.

"'David Parker's dilemma threatens the parental rights and religious freedom of every Massachusetts parent, and indirectly every parent in America,' said John Haskins of the Parents' Rights Coalition. 'As the Lexington schools themselves are arguing, the state's right to force pro-homosexuality indoctrination on other people's children arises directly from former Gov. Mitt Romney's nakedly false and unconstitutional declaration that homosexual marriage is now legal.'

Haskins said when the Massachusetts state Supreme Court demanded homosexual marriages in the state, it didn't have the constitutional or legal authority to order the governor to act or to order the Legislature to make any changes, and the creation of same-sex marriages in Massachusetts actually was accomplished by executive order from Romney...."


Senator Barack Obama Is very Mistaken when he Says His Vote in the U.S. Senate During Easter Weekend 2005 to help Terri Schiavo Stay Alive Was "A Mistake"

Senator Barack Obama was very mistaken last Tuesday when he called his vote in the United States Senate-- during Easter weekend 2005 -- to help disabled Terri Schiavo stay alive "a mistake," a vote denying the courts the "right" to put her to death. During the Democrat presidential debate against Hillary Clinton, Obama said that the one vote he wished he could take back was when he voted with the majority of the Senators voting to save the life of brain-injured Terri Schiavo. He explained during the debate: "We adjourned with a unanimous agreement that eventually allowed Congress to interject itself into that decision-making process of the families. It wasn't something I was comfortable with, but it was not something that I stood on the floor and stopped. And I think that was a mistake."

Instead of rejoicing in the finest decision of the United States Senate this century, Barack Obama is now pandering to the culture of death prevalent in the Democrat Party of today. Terri Schiavo was not terminally ill nor was she brain-dead or in a "persistent vegetative state" as Obama's anti-life forces claimed. Her husband wanted to get on with his life with his girlfriend and wanted to pull the plug on her while her parents and siblings were doing all they could to keep her alive. And thankfully, most in Congress were on the side of Terri Schiavo and her family.

Senator Sam Brownback joined such American heroes as Florida Governor Jeb Bush in doing all they could to keep Terri Schiavo alive. The day on which Terri Schiavo died on March 31, 2005 -- after being starved to death and dehydrated for 14 excrutiating days -- Senator Brownback said: "Terri Schiavo will suffer no more. Her death was tragic and unnecessary and I continue to pray for her and her family. With Terri Schiavo, we witnessed the legally sanctioned death by starvation and dehydration of a living human being. It is now time to look beyond the politics of the debate in order to see clearly what is really at issue in this case."

Senator Brownback continued: "Thankfully, there are many on both sides of the political aisle—including half of the Democrats who came back to Washington to vote in favor of the bill to save Terri Schiavo—who understand that this is not a political issue. Ultimately, the debate over Terri Schiavo is not about states’ rights or medical ethics or end-of-life decisions. It’s about whether we measure life by a subjective or objective test. Is life a test of sufficient value or is it precious and sacred per se in all its various conditions?" Unfortunately, Barack Obama does not NOW agree with Senator Brownback.


Congressman Chris Cannon Reintroduces Bill Which Prevents Federal Courts From Dictating to States Which Make Laws Barring Pornography

Yesterday, it was anticipated that Congressman Rep. Chris Cannon, R-UT, would reintroduce his legislation called the "Pornography Jurisdiction Limitation Act of 2008" which will prevent out-of-control federal judges from dictating to the states that they cannot make laws barring pornography. The Cannon bill will not allow federal courts to take up any cases which question whether or not any states' pornography laws are constitutional.

Congressman Cannon's positions is that the United States Supreme Court decades ago determined that each community in America can define according to its own moral standards what is considered obscene and he said that "it makes sense" that the citizens of his own state of Utah and the state courts therein have the final say on such pornography laws, not some left-wing federal judge.

He went on to say: "For too long, federal courts have created a dangerous climate for our children by overturning important decisions of state courts that restrict pornography consumption and distribution within its borders. Pornographers should not be able to shop for a federal judge in California with the authority to tell Utahns what is and what is not obscene and unacceptable." Other Members of Congress in recent years, including former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, S.D. have passed laws preventing federal judges from making rulings regarding their state laws and state's interests.

Congressman Cannon said: "There is persuasive historical precedent for limiting jurisdiction. In no way does this legislation deny anyone his day in court. Instead, it simply shifts that decision from the federal court system to the system closest to the people of Utah and other states."

ACTION ITEM: Request your Member of the House of Representatives at 202-225-3121 or you can go to and ask them to co-sponsor Congressman Cannon's "Pornography Jurisdiction Limitation Act of 2008."


Pro-Life Movement Gains Huge Victory in Senate on Tuesday as Senator David Vitter's Amendment Preventing American tax dollars from going to the Indian Health Service for any Abortions Passes by Large Margin: 52-42

On Tuesday, an amendment to the "Indian Health Improvement Act" (S. 1200) -- introduced by Senator David Vitter, R-LA, to prevent American taxpayer dollars from going to the Indian Health Service for abortions -- passed by a wide margin of 52-42. Christian Coalition of America commends Senator Vitter for his strong leadership in persevering and getting this challenging amendment passed in a Senate controlled by liberal pro-abortion Senators.

Senator Sam Brownback, (R-KS), who co-sponsored the Vitter Amendment congratulated Senator Vitter and said: "This is an important victory for the cause of life. In the midst of the national debate about abortion, we have come to some fundamental agreements. We should not be using American tax dollars to fund abortion." Senator Brownback also said that in 1976, federal funding of abortions was restricted by the great champion of the unborn in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Henry Hyde, who recently passed away, through his Hyde Amendment to the annual Health Human Services Appropriations Bill. However, Indian health care is funded through a separate Interior Appropriations bill which never had a Hyde Amendment attached to it. The Indian Health Service continued to pay for abortion on demand until 1982.

These Democrat Senators should be thanked for their vote for the Vitter Amendment: Mary Landrieu (D-LA); Evan Bayh (D-IN); Harry Reid (D-NV); Bob Casey (D-PA); Ken Salazar (D-CO); Robert Byrd (D-WV); Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Ben Nelson (D-NE). There were 3 Republican Senators who voted NO to the Vitter pro-life amendment: Olympia Snowe (R-ME); Arlen Specter (R-PA); and Susan Collins (R-ME.) Senators McCain and Cornyn were absent during the vote.


Christian Coalition of America Commends Democrat Howard Berman and Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for Passing the "Tom Lantos and Henry J. Hyde United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Reauthorization Act of 2008" Which Did not Gut President Bush's Emphasis on Abstinence and Faithfulness Provisions

Christian Coalition commends the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee leaders, including the new Chairman, Howard Berman, D-CA, and the Ranking Member, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-FL, for not gutting the abstinence and faithfulness provisions among many other outstanding provisions President George W. Bush had in his original "President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) reauthorization bill. The bill will no longer be called PEPFAR, but is called the "Tom Lantos and Henry J. Hyde Reauthorization Act of 2008" named after the two previous chairmen of the committee who recently passed away, Democrat Tom Lantos (CA) and pro-life champion Republican Henry J. Hyde (IL.)

Among the new bill's provisions were the deletion of all references to "reproductive health" (i.e. abortion, for the most part); no longer requires groups to do family planning or referrals which would have prevented faith-based groups from participation in programming; redirects family planning provisions in a more favorable light to pro-life interests; retains the prostitution pledge that was previously deleted, etc.

Many conservatives are not pleased with the huge increase in funding for the program however. It has gone from President Bush's initial $15 billion for 5 years to a monsterous $50 billion for the next five years. Hopefully, responsible Senate conservatives will be able to drastically decrease this amount to something more close to President Bush's original funding level 5 years ago.


Arizona may Join the State of Florida in Allowing Citizens to Vote on a State Constitutional Amendment Banning Homosexual "Marriages" thus Joining some 27 other States Which have Overwhelmingly Passed Such Amendments by an Average Margin of 70%/California Pro-lifers Try to Get 1 Million Signatures

A couple weeks ago, legislators in the state of Arizona introduced legislation in the House and Senate to amend the state constitution to prevent homosexual "marriages." The amendment will say: "only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state". Thus far voters in 27 states have overwhelmingly voted for state constitutional amendments banning homosexual "marriages" by a whopping average of 70% approval. It is expected that both the Arizona Senate and House will vote to allow the citizens of Arizona to vote on such an amendment this November. In a recent Arizona poll some 65% of its citizens favor such an amendment.

Florida citizens have already gathered enough signatures to force a vote on a state constitutional amendment banning homosexual "marriages" this November. If the pro-family forces in California can collect one million signatures by the deadline, then California will join Arizona and Florida in passing such amendments making a total of 30 states passing traditional marriage constitutional amendments. Possibly other state legislatures in the other 20 states could allow their citizens to vote this November on similar constitutional amendments.

The Florida state constitutional amendment has the definition of marriage as the union between one man and one woman and will not allow homosexual "marriage," polygamy, and group marriage, in the state of Florida.

Incredibly, the left-wing highest court in the state of New York ruled last month that out-of-state "marriages" of homosexuals (including those "married" in Canada, etc.) -- ONLY the state of Massachusetts allows such an abomination, as dictated to the citizens of Massachusetts by 4 radical out-of-control state judges -- MUST be legally recognized in New York. It is way past time for the decent citizens of New York State and rise up and take control of their lives from these abominable judges.


Christian Coalition Activists Need to Encourage 110th Congress to Pass Both "Net Neutrality" and "Multicast/Equal Access" Legislation to Prevent Discrimination Against Religious Broadcasters - Democrat-controlled Congress Expected to Pass "Net Neutrality"

The lame-duck Republican Senate did not pass a telecommunications bill and thus a "Net Neutrality" provision was not passed in the 109th Congress.

"Net Neutrality" is an issue extremely important to America's grassroots organizations and those Americans who want to ensure the cable and phone companies controlling access to the Internet will not discriminate against groups like Christian Coalition of America. Although AT&T recently made an agreement with the FCC that it would agree to "net neutrality" in order to merge with BellSouth Corporation in an $86 billion merger, the agreement only lasts 2 years. Therefore Congress must pass "net neutrality" legislation in order to make "net neutrality" permanent.

It is anticipated that the Democrat-controlled 110th Congress will agree with the position of the recent House Judiciary Committee Chairman, James Sensenbrenner, Republican-WI, and pass a "Net Neutrality" bill during the 110th Congress. If "Net Neutrality" legislation does not pass, consumers will have to pay an additional fee to have a website. The cable/telephone monopoly will be dividing the Internet into a "fast track" and "slow track." Our grassroots, many of whom cannot afford the additional fees, will have to be on the slow track, which will mean that many of our websites will be passed by because the general public will not have the patience to go on the "slow track".

"Multicast/Equal Access" (formerly called "Multicast/Must-carry") will go a long way to preventing discrimination against religious broadcasters. Without a "Multicast/Equal Access" law, the cable and satellite companies would probably not add new Christian channels and the influence of current Christian channels will be diluted.

ACTION ITEM: Please all your Congressman at 202-225-3121 or you can go to and email them and urge them to support "Multicast/Equal Access" and religious broadcasters. They can do so by co-sponsoring the Net Neutrality legislation introduced by Republican Congressman Charles "Chip" Pickering and Democrat Congressman Edward Markey called the "Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008," H.R. 5353.


Join the Christian Coalition’s Judicial Task Force, which is dedicated to ending the obstruction of the President's judicial nominees and ensuring that they ALL receive a fair "up or down" vote by the full Senate

Please sign our petition and join the Judicial Task Force at:

Encourage your family, friends and church friends to also sign the petition at our website and to join the Christian Coalition’s Judicial Task Force, which is dedicated to ending the obstruction of the President's judicial nominees and ensuring that they ALL receive a fair "up or down" vote by the full Senate.

There are a number of President Bush's Circuit Court of Appeals' nominees who have not yet received a Senate floor vote. The challenge to confirm President Bush's nominees in a Democrat-controlled Senate will be very difficult and we need your help in doing just that. You will become part of a team of individuals who are committed to being ready on a moment’s notice to take action when obstruction occurs.


Please keep the above issues in prayer. Through prayer and action great and mighty things can be accomplished.

Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…”

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